Your Guide To Thailand’s Beautiful Khao Phenom Bencha National Park

Located near Thailand’s famous island resort town of Krabi, Khao Phanom Bancha National Park is one of the country’s major national parks. The park area also includes the highest peak in the area, after which the park is named. Later The park is a popular destination among tourists due to its waterfalls, caves and tales of trekking among the mountains. Although it is located just north of Krabi Town, the entry point and visitor center are located 27 km from the town.

About Khao Phanom Bancha National Park

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Spread over an area of ​​50 square km, it is one of the major biodiversity parks of the region. Located on the northern shore of the famous resort island of Krabi, the national park is an important tourist attraction. Even though the park is just north of the city, the entrance gate is located about 27 km from the city. Famous for its natural wonders, this park has it all – be it waterfalls, caves, trekking trails.
Known for its abundance of biodiversity, the national park has a rich presence of flora and fauna.

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Best time to visit Khao Phenom Bancha National Park

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The best time to visit the national park is during the months of October to March. Although the region receives rainfall throughout the year, the climate during this time of the year is less sticky and humid due to the coolness of winter. The park is open every day from 8 am to 4 pm. Allow yourself 2-3 hours for a satisfying visit to the park.

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How to reach Khao Phanom Bancha National Park

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You can reach Khao Phanom Bancha National Park by air, water and road

By air: The nearest airport is Krabi International Airport, you can land there and rent a car. Note that there is no pickup and drop facility in the park so you will have to make your own arrangements.

by water: The nearest port is located in Krabi, you can always come to the national park from there through available means.

by road: From Krabi Town head towards I-4 Road and then turn right onto Northkit Road passing along the river bank in Krabi Town. Drive from Krabi Airport towards a town called Nuea Klong, take a left onto the only major road and look for the tourist board sign for the national park.

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Places to Stay near Khao Phanom Bancha National Park

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If you want to enjoy your park experience to the fullest, it is recommended that you stay in/near the park for at least one night. Being one of the popular destinations in the region and southern Thailand, the park has several places where you can stay for the night. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Khao Phenom Bencha Mountain Resort
Location: 42/2 Krabi Noi Moo.7, Krabi, Thailand
2. Pasuk Resort
Location: 42/2 Krabi Noi Moo.7, Krabi, Thailand
3. Krabi Pitta House
Location: 287/18, Krabi 81000, Thailand

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Things to do in Khao Phenom Bancha National Park

There are many interesting activities you can do in Khao Phanom Bancha National Park, Krabi, Thailand. These activities will further enhance your experience of visiting the place. Some of the activities include:

1. Doghouse Trail: Go Trekking

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Two major routes pass through the national park. Although both are circular in nature and also start at the same point, one is difficult while the other is easy. The easier and shorter route is called the Doghouse Trail. It is only recommended for those who are equipped with all the basic necessities.

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2. Khau Phaeung Cave: Take a Tour

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A truly massive cave, Khau Phaeung Cave is home to many stalagmites and stalactites and is located just 2 km from the park area. Bats, frogs and geckos roam freely in this cave but they are not dangerous. The cave is easily accessible and it is recommended that you hire a guide if you wish to visit.

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National parks are one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world and should be protected at all costs. Next time you visit Thailand, make a point to visit Khao Phanom Bancha National Park.

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