Karnataka Monsoon Season Travel – Tour Travel Hotels

Karnataka Monsoon Season Travel - Tour Travel Hotels

When considering the best time to visit Karnataka in India, most tourists and travellers prefer to avoid the monsoons. The heavy monsoons in the western ghats, and in the southern part of India are usually over by Mid- September, so the end of September typically marks the start of tourist season every year.

So you ask!

An off-season vacation? Why visit Karnataka during June, July and August to experience the monsoon? Good question! But this article is for the people who enjoy monsoon time; the rains, wet roads, petrichor and hot food amidst chill weather. Sure, it will be pouring heavily, but this amazing destination becomes more otherworldly during the rainy season.

Visualize this: a rain-drenched adventure amid equatorial rainforests and rustic jungles, (We want to keep it real, basking in the sun has become so much a cliche!) where you can witness animals that don’t get out during the summer and watch glorious verdant carpet rolling from one part of the horizon to another.

Perfect monsoon pictures



Karnataka is stunning all around the year, however, this is particularly so during the monsoon season; one of the most visited tourist destinations shows its true vigour and nature during the monsoon.

While the facets of the state become wild (forests, roads and waves), this is a picturesque vista to behold. Brown-white shores attain a yellow hue once the sun glistens after the sheath of dark cloud cover passes by. And the pouring rain on the rich flora throughout the state will mesmerize you for sure.

While you’re there, we request you to feel the rain; pause and reflect. Watch every second pass by. Soak in the epic monsoon views and become one with nature.

Contrary to prevalent opinion, you can tour the western ghats and Karnataka during the monsoons. However, the chill and rainy weather imply you will need to be a little flexible when it comes to your itinerary and travel plans.

To pacify your anxieties about visiting Karnataka during the monsoon, yes it is safe! But it is necessary to have a practical understanding of transportation like ferries, flights and road vehicles may undergo revocations or delays if the weather becomes intimidating.

While tens and thousands travel to Karnataka during peak season for the beach, hilly retreats and water activities, it’s necessary to acknowledge that these may not be functional during the monsoon, and it would be ill-advised to go on activities like road trips if the weather is extreme.

If you like off-season travel…

If you have made amends with the above challenges, you will surely experience a sensational slice of natural wonders that everyday sightseers seldom see.

The locals in Karnataka are a ‘friendly bunch to hang out with, as well as tribes in the rustic areas whose appearance here still has anthropologists somewhat perplexed.’


And for those who love photography, enjoy the natural theatre you get to witness both visually and auditorily. And the pouring rain against the backdrop of the pristine natural mountains and layouts makes for a truly heavenly experience.

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