Kaikoura Travel Guide For First Time Visitors To New Zealand

One of the things visitors to New Zealand miss doing is stalking Kaikoura Tour, But Kaikoura’s natural landscape is spectacular. It lies between the Pacific Ocean and the rugged Kaikoura Ranges. The beautiful seaside town of Kaikoura is the perfect place for marine life experiences, strolls along the beach and dining on crawfish. The mountains are covered with snow in winter. So, if you’re looking for a less-crowded town with comparatively epic landscapes, we’d urge you to consider Kaikoura.

About Kaikoura Travel

Kaikoura City

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This beautiful coastal town on the east coast of the South Island displays natural wonders that very few places on the planet can match. In Kaikoura you get both coastline and mountains. No matter where you’re visiting in the local area, it really does offer some amazing views. You also get to eat some delicious seafood. In fact, the name Kaikoura originates from the Māori words for ‘eat’ and ‘crayfish’. So, food lovers will have a great time here.

10 things to do while visiting Kaikoura

With only a few thousand residents, Kaikoura is a great spot for a relaxing, unforgettable holiday without the hustle and bustle of city life. Here are 10 things you can enjoy in Kaikoura:

1. Attend Seafest

sea ​​festival

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If you are planning a trip to Kaikoura, New Zealand in October, you will have the opportunity to appreciate its SeaFest. This annual festival is worth visiting. You can expect to see some people dressed as dolphins, penguins or various inhabitants of the blues. Your kids will love this show.

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2. Opening the seal

spot a seal

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There are actually seals all around Kaikoura! The best place to see seals is along the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway, where there are various views of seal colonies, napping and wandering, and plenty of seals clearly hopping your way. So, if you are interested in seals, check out this place. Keep in mind that you will have to give seals a lot of space as they do not like to be disrupted.

3. Hiking

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A hike to Mount Fife takes a full day, yet you’ll still enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the area, from mountain ranges to the ocean. By evening, you’ll be standing on Mount Fyfe, which gives you an upside-down view of the peninsula. Hiking in the area includes the Kohai-Hapuku Circuit, a 2 to 3 day trail that follows two river valleys behind Mount Fyfe.

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4. Explore Maori Culture

Explore Maori Culture

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Local Maori guides can tell you lots of things about indigenous history. Spectacular local objects can be found in some of the studios in and around the city, such as pottery, gilding, paintings and prints, wood turning, woven fabrics and jewelry, among other things. You can also join the Art Trail starting at the Visitors Center and see the artists at work

5. Visit Fife House

Fife House

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If you’re interested in learning about Kaikoura’s colonial history, visit Fyfe House. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Built in 1842 as a whaling station, Fife House was constructed using whale bones. The entry ticket for adults is priced at Rs 418/- and entry for children is free.

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6. Nature walk

walk on the beach

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Wherever you are in New Zealand, a walk around a neighborhood beach is never a bad idea. It is 5 km long and extends directly to the main township, making it an ideal place for an evening stroll or relaxing on the beach. Kaikoura is widely regarded as one of the best surf beaches in the country. Be sure to stop here.

7. Food

Seafood Barbecue

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Seafood BBQ is a restaurant with outdoor dining located on Jimmy Armers Beach overlooking the seal colony. If you are visiting the seal colony, stop here.
The restaurant serves barbecue seafood in an open-air, comfortable and sunny environment. You can taste freshly cooked crayfish, crayfish fritters, grilled fish, mussels, scallops, paua patties and fish chowder. Lunch by the beach is something not to be missed by couples.

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8. Llama Trek

Llama Trek

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Llama trekking is another exciting trek. This guided half-day trek offers free entry to Fife House, Farm Park and the Marine Centre. If you want something extraordinary during your holidays in Caracaura, head for this llama trekking. After that, you get the opportunity to choose your favorite llama for the trek. Make sure to acclimatize yourself before starting the trek.

9. Diving

underwater photographer military scuba diving

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When Kaikoura is a treasure trove of marine life, why not explore even deeper! For those who love diving, you must visit Dive Kaikoura’s dive center which is located behind Encounter Kaikoura on the Esplanade. It is the one-stop destination for all your diving calls. They offer scuba diving trips and PADI dive courses around the Kaikoura coast.

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10. Visit Lavandil Lavender Ranch

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For a little extravagance and sophistication, opt for a visit to Lavandil Lavender Farm. Being just outside the center of Kaikoura, it’s the perfect place to indulge your senses and treat your taste buds. So, if you have made up your mind to stay here for a day, you can take a stroll through the charming lavender fields, relax in one of their unique bistros or go through the distillation process to learn how lavender oil is produced. can see. If you’re arriving at night, book one of the rustic cabins.

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Kaikoura is a place on the east coast of the South Island, where the sea meets the mountains. Here you get to see the grandeur of the peninsula from every angle. Also, the place where marine life comes from near and far to play with you. Obviously, Kaikoura will not fail to win the hearts of its visitors! Book your trip to New Zealand and stay at this place. You will not be disappointed.

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