Jambur In Gujarat Is The Mini African Village Of India,

Jambur In Gujarat Is The Mini African Village Of India,

Jambur, India’s mini African village is a remote village located in the state of Gujarat, India. It is home to some of the most beautiful and unique people you will ever meet. The residents of this village are known for their strong African roots and they practice several African traditions including circumcision and foot washing.

The life of a Jambur resident can be quite different from what you may be used to if you live in an urban area. Many families have very little or no electricity and rely on kerosene for light during the day. Earlier they also have little access to medicine or healthcare because there are few doctors in this region. The area has now become a tourist attraction because of its unique history as well as its beautiful landscape. Visitors can experience all the villagers have to offer while they are on a visit to Jambur.

The village has been referred to as India’s mini-African village by residents and tourists alike because it has been attracting attention for its unique lifestyle, which resembles that of African villages.


Jambur village is located 20 km from Gir and comes under the Junagadh district in Gujarat. It is proven that these people shifted to India during the 7th century and a maximum of them were bought to India as slaves since then they remained here in Jambur village of Gujarat, India.

What To See:

  • The mini African village of India.
  • Traditional Houses
  • Local culture, which has a mix of African and Gujarati Indian traditions
  • Afro-Indians communities.
  • Interaction with Bantu and Siddhi tribe of Africa.
  • The unique experience of having native African people as Arfo-Indians.

How to reach:

By Air: Diu is the nearest Airport which is 71 km away from the village.

By Road: You can take a taxi or your vehicle from Gir, as it’s only 20 km away from Gir.

By Rail: Jambur has a railway station, Station code- JBB

There is one strict and interesting rule these are-Indians follow is that they are not allowed to marry anyone outside their tribe. They wish to maintain the authenticity of their culture and tribe, though they don’t follow any of the African cultures now as they consider themselves as Indians only. And whenever you visit this village you find people speaking Gujarati which is the language of Gujarat State in India.

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