Top 10 Indonesian Food Delights That Must Be On Every Foodie’s List

Laughing is best where eating is best. Indonesia is not only a stop for travelers who want to explore beaches with clear waters but is also famous for its traditional food. people search Indonesian food names before visiting the country But they are not aware of the fact that there are around 5350 traditional recipes which are a mixture of herbs and spices in the right quantity.

Indonesian food is an essential part of the best culinary destinations in the world and one can feel a sense of inner satisfaction after tasting authentic Indonesian food.

10 Delicious Indonesian Food Enjoyments

Get ready for sumptuous Indonesian food with exquisite aromas and flavors that will leave you craving for more. Explore Indonesian food markets and different Indonesian food dishes on your next trip to Indonesia.

1. Fried Rice

national dish of indonesia

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Let’s start with the national dish of Indonesia. Nasi Goreng is a perfect blend of fried rice, spices, pieces of meat and vegetables. It is different from other fried rice dishes because of its aromatic and smoky flavor. This Indonesian food has a smoky flavor due to caramelized sweet soy sauce and powdered shrimp paste. This is one of the simplest yet most delicious recipes that is famous among people looking for healthy food in Indonesia.

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2. Gudeg

Traditional Indonesian Cuisine

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Another traditional Indonesian dish that belongs to Central Java, Indonesia is Gudeg which is a combination of young raw jackfruit cooked for hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. The pleasant aroma of coconut milk along with jackfruit makes this dish one of its kind. This is the best option for those who are looking for vegetarian Indonesian food. The sweet taste of gudeg served with various delicious side dishes in a plate makes it one of the most popular Indonesian foods.

where to eat: Gudeg Pak Atmo, and Gudeg Bu Dibyo

3. Pork Rolls

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A famous pork dish in Bali, Babi Guling consists of meat, skin, satay, vegetables, soup and rice. The unique flavor of the dish comes from spices like chilli, garlic, turmeric and ginger. This Indonesian food item is only found in Bali, so you should definitely try it when you are there.

where to eat: Babi Guling Candra, and Warung Babi Guling Sari Dewi

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4. Satye

Real taste of Indonesian food

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Sate, written as satay in Indonesia, is a famous dish in Southeast Asia. Sate plays an important role when you talk about Indonesian food menu. It is a premium quality dish made from seasoned, chopped and grilled meat. Sate skewers can be made from chicken, goat, mutton or rabbit and are served with peanut sauce and rice cakes called ketupat. You can find this dish anywhere in Indonesia and be prepared to experience the true taste of Indonesian food.

where to eat: Bogor Fried Taichan Satay, and Kembang Goela

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5. Siomay

a fish dumpling dish

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Do you get dumplings – Indonesian food also has an option for those who like dim sum, which is siomay, a fish dumpling dish served with peanut sauce. It is made from tengri which is fish meat and is served with boiled cabbage, potatoes, bitter gourd, boiled eggs and tofu. Peanut chutney, soy sauce and a little lemon are added to it which makes it delicious. You can easily find vendors selling Siome making it easy to find.

where to eat: Lemongrass, and Kedai Kita

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6. Meatballs

Yellow noodles and rice served with vermicelli

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Bakso, also known as Baso, is an Indonesian meatball and a popular street food. The word bakso means meatballs or a soup bowl filled with meatballs. It is served in two forms which are mee bakso and bakso kuah. Mee bakso is basically bakso served with yellow noodles and rice vermicelli, on the other hand, bakso kuah bak refers to meatball soup served without any noodles. You should try both versions of this dish which is one of the best recipes of Indonesian food.

where to eat: Bakso Akiav 99, and Bakso Mas Kumis

7. Beef Rendang

Served with steamed rice and vegetable dishes

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One of the 5 national dishes of Indonesia, Rendang originates from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia and is a heavily spiced meat and deeply seasoned dish. The main ingredient of this dish is meat cooked in coconut milk and authentic spices like ginger, galangal, turmeric leaves, lemongrass, garlic, onion and other spices. Beef rendang is served with steamed rice and vegetable dishes such as boiled cassava leaves, cabbage and cubedak which is young jackfruit. You can explore Indonesian food culture through this traditional dish and many more.

where to eat: a thousand tastes

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8. Raw rice

Java's oldest cuisine

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Are you fond of drinking soups – then include Nasi Rawan in your list of Indonesian food recipes. Nasi rawan is a blackened beef soup served with rice, originating from East Java, Indonesia. This dish includes black nuts masala which adds to the strong nutty flavor and dark color of the dish. Ravon is the oldest dish of Java and is very famous among the locals. You can easily find it in any restaurant as it is one of the most famous Indonesian foods.

where to eat: Ravana Gajah Mada, and Ravana Seton

9. Gado-Gado

Vegetarian Indonesian Food

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Gado-gado is one of the famous dishes for those who are looking for vegetarian Indonesian food. This dish is one of the 5 national Indonesian dishes and is a must-try for all vegetarians. Gado- Gado means to mix and is also known as Lotek, which is an Indonesian salad made with steamed or steamed vegetables, fried tofu, lontong which is wrapped in banana leaf. It is rice served with peanut chutney. Adding eggs is optional in this recipe. Now even vegetarians can get excited about eating Indonesian food.

where to eat: Gado-Gado Bonbin, and Chez Gado Gado

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10. Martabak

Special Stuffed Pancake

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Known as the king of Indonesian food, martabak is a native special stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread filled with chocolate and nuts. This pancake is only served in the evening or at night, so be prepared to eat this delicious dessert after your meal.

where to eat: Martabak Boss, and Martabak Pesenongan

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