India’s least visited places – Tour Travel Hotels

India's least visited places - Tour Travel Hotels

Many travel portals promote the same traditional travel destinations over and over again. Consequently, tricking people into visiting conventional travel destinations. Well! It is not too late. You can still visit lesser-known beautiful places in India; that is sure to impress you minus the large crowd and high prices.

So, here are some of India’s least visited places.



This city often gets overlooked, which is a shame because it features an impressive set of tourist attractions. Syalsaur is a quiet hamlet, located in Khajjiar. It is far-famed as the mini-Switzerland of India. Its lush green mountains, dense forests, snow-clad mountains, lakes and azure blue skies, making it an ideal visit for couples.



Green foothills, lakes, cool breeze and plenty of delicious food! We’re not talking about Kodaikanal or Shimla. Tawang, located in Arunachal Pradesh is making a comeback, and this town in North-East India will delight and entertain you. From colourful natural bounties to welcoming locals, this lesser-known gem will fulfil all your travel desires in no time. Tawang shares a border with China and is home to more than a hundred lakes. If you have a passionate idea for a lake picnic, then you know where to go.

Rann of Kutch


Rann of Kutch in Gujurat is a desert land, yes! But offers a serene environment for people who love quiet time with their loved ones. Rann of Kutch can provide you with that desert land-feel – bonfires, mud huts and tons of fun activities to be had – without the hefty price tags and dense crowds. It is one of the best places to visit for photographers. Its widely spread salt marsh offers a perfect background for a stunning cover shot.

Tirthan Valley


If you are an adventure junkie and like water sports, visit Himachal Pradesh rather than Uttarakhand, it has worthwhile alternatives. One of them is Tirthan valley in Himachal Pradesh. It regularly makes it onto lists for top river rafting sites in India. Tirthan valley offers peerless views of the rolling hills and azure blue skies. It is well-known for White Water Rafting and also picturesque trekking destinations.



If you don’t want to fight the crowds at the ancient temples elsewhere, but still want to see ancient ruins, the Hoysala temple in Hassan, is your best bet. Hassan sits on the Southern tip of the Western Ghats and features a multitude of ancient Hoysala ruins, including one of the best-preserved Hoysala architectures, Bucesvara Temple. With easy access to the scenic beauty of Western Ghats, you can get your fill of history, delicious food, and relaxation in one place.



What you will find, especially if you visit Sikkim, are mighty Himalayan ranges, green forests, dazzling waterfalls, snow-clad mountains and grand Buddhist monasteries. Even better, you don’t have to compromise on food! Sikkim has restaurants all across the state that does justice to both Indian and Tibetan cuisine. Besides the picturesque views, you can also indulge in shopping in Sikkim! From woollen scarves to comfy jackets, Sikkim offers a plethora of one-of-a-kind clothing boutiques.



Backwaters? Check. Tropical climate? Check. Unbelievable resorts? Another check! Thekkekadu is slowly gaining traction for travellers who are looking for a more laid-back and less crowded version of Alleppey. This quaint paradise has everything you want and more for a perfect tropical vacation. With serenity vibes, a vast waterway, stunning backwaters, a few crowds, and luxury houseboats, Thekkekadu is a perfect romantic getaway for couples.



Visit Gokarna! Comparatively less crowded than beach destinations in India, Gokarna offers the best water activities, parties, shacks, food and beach experience. Moreover, it is a good place to be immersed in the scenic beauty or have a private time with your partner, at the beach; Gokarna welcomes tourists with arms wide open!

Bir Billing


Located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Bir Billing is home to one of the best hang-gliding and paragliding activities. Bir Billing is the most popular adventure destinations for thrill-seekers in Himachal Pradesh. Besides this, Bir Billing tends to be less crowded and more laid-back than other hills-stations in India. This least visited destination also boasts picturesque views similar to Manali.

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