Try These Top 8 Restaurants In Venice To Get The Taste Of Real India

Indian food is certainly not rare in Europe. Although there are many restaurants that offer this dynamic cuisine, most of them are quite heavy on the wallet! but it’s not like that Indian restaurants in Venice, The best combination of reasonable prices, good portions and great taste can be found in this city. From curries and naan to kebabs, halal and biryani, delicious Indian cuisine can be enjoyed in the heart of Venice! Here are the top 8 places to go when you’re craving this dish.

8 Best Indian Restaurants in Venice

Italian cuisine is very good but if you are a lover of spicy food it can be a bit bland and bland! And if you are bored of everyday European-style food on your trip to Zurich, visit these Indian restaurants to satiate your soul and satisfy your Indian-food craving.

1. Buddha Soul Resto

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Bringing thousands of aromas from the homes of India to your plate, Buddha Soul Resto offers a delicious feast for all Indian cuisine lovers. They have retained the authentic Indian flavors that have amazed people all over the world, their thalis are famous, and combine it with their friendly service, and you are in for a great experience!

Must try: Samosa, Tea, Prawn Curry
Place: Via Gran Viale, 28/B, 30126 Lido di Venezia, Venice VE, Italy


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2. Maharani Indian Restaurant

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Popular for its buffet, Maharani Restaurant Indiano is planning an elaborate delicious menu for its buffet. They also offer delivery and are known for their prompt service. Delicious vegetarian as well as tasty meat curries are their specialty, so while here, make sure to try some!

Must try: Murgh Kadhai, Jhinga Biryani, Paneer Makhani
Place: Via Giuseppe Verdi, 97, 30171 Mestre, Venice VE, Italy


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3. Bombay Spice Indian Restaurant

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One of the best Indian restaurants in Venice, Ristorante Indiano Bombay Spice is a casual restaurant. The ambiance is polite and casual, and nice and classy at the same time! People recommend Tandoori Chicken because its texture, taste and aroma will take you on a nice tour of your mind’s India!

Must try: Jamun Jamun, Mango Lassi, Naan Garlic
Place: Via Forte Marghera, 129, 30173 Mestre, Venice VE, Italy


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4. Crutches

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A simple eatery popular for its Indian food, Baisakhi serves quick finger foods at affordable prices. The service is amazing, the people are kind, friendly and quick service. They also offer other dishes that are equally delicious. The restaurant is near the railway station, and hence quite popular among both locals and tourists!

Must try: Samosa, Garlic Naan, Potato Cauliflower Vegetable
Place: Via Piave, 134, 30171 Venezia Vie, Italy
Website: He

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5. Italian-India

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Once you step into this restaurant, you will immediately feel the comfort and peace in its air. The decor and design is quite modern, and their food, authentically Indian. From curries to Halal, they serve some of the best Indian food in Venice. Indians traveling to Europe found their home food here, and that says a lot!

Must try: Halal, Naan, Chicken Kurma
Place: Viale Stazione, 6A, 30172 Mestre Vie, Italy
Website: He

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6. Brothers Fast Food Doner Kebab

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Offering “the best halal in Venice” according to guests, Brothers Fast Food Doner Kebab is a favorite among everyone, especially among budget travelers. Europe offers many delicious dishes, but Indian food at reasonable rates is rare, and this is one of the best in this category! They also have combos and different types of sweets.

Must try: Chicken Biryani, Veg Korma, Halal
Place: Viale Stazione, 6, 30171 Venezia Vie, Italy
Website: He

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7. Zujuana Pizzeria & Doner Kebab

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Reasonable prices, ample portions, and most importantly delicious food! Zuzuana Pizzeria and Doner Kebab is also centrally located, and hence easily accessible by everyone, especially tourists, making it popular among budget travelers. As well as Indian and Pakistani food, they also have many vegetarian options!

Must try: Halal, Kebab
Place: Via Cà Savio, 22/C, 30013 Ca’ Savio, Cavallino Trapporti VE, Italy
Website: He

8.Ganesh Ji

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Ganesh Ji is the only Indian restaurant on Venice Island. Known for its traditional Indian flavours, tourists often come here for a little authentic spice. It has a very relaxed ambiance, and the food served are all age-old recipes. This restaurant, being the only one on the island, is a bit heavy on the pocket.

Must try: Curry
Place: Calle del Sclater, 2426, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy
Website: He

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Here are the top 8 Indian restaurants in Venice. For anyone wanting some homely flavors on a trip to Venice, here are the best places that offer the best, most authentic tastes!

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