Immigration to Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Immigration to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is emerging as a new immigration destination amongst the youth job seeker of India. The nation is enriched with the high standard of living and its robust economy entices the aspiring migrants around the globe.

A sure shot trail to this amazing country is through its point system. There are two ways by which a hopeful migrant can seek entry to the nation. One of it’s as founding policy is the assessment system whereupon the applicant is judged on the general things.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

While assessing the migrant he needs to score 85 points out of the total of 180 points which is the maximum point limit and very ensure the immigration to Hong Kong. These precious points can be grabbed by getting the age, education, the experience of work, family background and language skills accessed.

Wishful migrant

The chances of young people are fairly high as they are the maximum point’s grabber under the category of age. The wishful migrant who is below the age of 40 can score 30 points whereas the people falling in the age slot of 40-44, can get only 20 points. No wonder the applicant above this age is likely to get fewer points. This is because the above-mentioned nation is welcoming young generation who can add on to their economy.

The second most valuable category which can assist the wishful migrant to seize maximum points is his higher education. The more is the education the more are the assigned points. Undoubtedly the PhD holder gets 45 points and there after the points decrease with the fall in the degree. In short, the Master degree holder will get more points as compared with the bachelor degree holder. Undoubtedly this category helps in seizing 30 points which can be easily scored by the bachelor degree holder.

Hong Kong

No wonder the Hong Kong welcomes experienced people that is the reason the maximum point under said category is the maximum and set at 50 points. These valuable 50 points are clutch by those highly experienced people who have worked for not less than 10 years with the requirement of working at the higher-ranking level for past 5 years. In short the lesser work experience will definitely reduce the points. The people with lesser work experience need not fell disheartened as even two years work experience holder will clutch minimum points.

Apart from age, Education and work experience, the applicant’s language skill helps him a lot in grabbing few points. A wishful migrant who is proficient in both Chinese and English language both in written and spoken language then he can very much score 20 points for his this unmatched quality. In addition, the applicant who knows just one language out of these two languages then he can get 10 points only.

Prestigious PR

Emigrant whose one of the relative owns the prestigious PR of the nation falls under those lucky migrants who can get some points which will help in easy migration of the applicant. The migrant is expected passing score is 80 points out of the maximum 165 points under this point’s report card. Where on one side the migrant can get these valuable points on the other side the single category can help him get 160 points.

This single category is of those special achievements in which the migrant has won some remarkable award at the national or international level or the migrant has done some remarkable addition to the company or the concern then too he is eligible to pass the border of minimum 80 points and successfully lend on the land of Hong Kong.

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