How to Plan A Stress Free Family Summer Vacation

How to Plan A Stress Free Family Summer Vacation

Working around the clock makes it tough to find the time to plan, let alone take a vacation. And a vacation with your family once a year is a great escapade from the daily grind of strict schedule and work. Nevertheless, people who plan and embark on a regular family getaway are a happier and healthier bunch. With all that said, going on a vacation with your loved ones can be precarious, as there are a lot of things that could go wrong. But if you put in some time to plan your trip, you can ensure their safety and happiness in the most hassle-free manner, and you can have a blast with your family.

Here’s how to plan a stress-free family summer vacation:

Travel Essentials


It is a must to carry a first aid kit. And you should never forget to keep medical contingencies in mind, especially if any member of your family has a history with it. Always travel with the essentials that you need and don’t carry unnecessary items. Because shopping during vacation may add more weight to the baggage, eventually making it hard to convey it around.



Sometimes the destinations you choose may not excite your kids or your parents. It might create unnecessary stress in the family before you even start your journey. And the last thing you want to see is your kids unhappy during the vacation. So, sit down with your family members, list out the options, and choose the one that is practical for everyone in the family.

Card Over Cash

Beware of impostors at airports and tourist places in other countries. They will try to con you out of cash. It is risky to carry a lot of money to a foreign destination. Most the foreign countries have gone digital, so, it is always better to use international debit or credit cards for transactions

Buy A Local Sim

When we travel abroad, naturally, we tend to share our experiences and moments with friends and loved ones at home. And to save costs on your calls and data, it is better to buy a sim from a local subscriber with the best data connection. It will save you money and help you with better connectivity because of the local network access.


Book the hotels, flights, and tickets for sightseeing and other attractions well in advance because it results in not only a worry-free vacation but also huge discounts. It is satisfying to be on the same page with everyone in the family, and not worry about petty issues. And when on a family vacation, it is all about that bonding time, so don’t let the unplanned itinerary spoil your family moment.

Travel Documents

Always carry a passport holder or a small man purse with a sling to keep your and your kids’ documents, safe and handy. Carry a photocopy of the originals in the wallet and keep all the originals in a separate bag. When travelling, it is crucial to be aware of the basic mannerisms/ etiquettes of the respective country you are going to. Do some research to be in sync with the culture, language, and code of conduct, so you can avoid any unnecessary fines or embarrassment. Wearing skimpy clothes in a few orthodox or middle east countries is frowned upon. It can cost you a lot of money and even jail time.

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