How hotel chains will look after us once we return

How hotel chains will look after us once we return

How hotel chains will look after us once we return
As thoughts slowly return so that they can enjoy a vacation abroad again, many may wonder how they will be taken care of when they arrive at their hotel. We looked at three popular hotel chains to see what measures they put in place with your safety and well-being in mind.

Post covid 19 hotel chain procedures

Of course, we are still waiting to know when passengers from around the world will be able to visit different regions of Europe. The Spanish Balearic Islands (mainly a summer destination) and the Canary Islands (a year-round destination) are two popular destinations for the British market. This makes holidays in the Canaries a possibility during the winter months at the end of 2020 and until the beginning of 2021.

H10 Hotels

Safety and hygiene measures within the H10 hotel chain will follow WHO recommendations. All staff members will receive training in cleaning procedures as well as safety and hygiene measures. Staff temperatures will be taken daily and staff will be fitted with personal protective equipment. Of course, social distancing measures will be in place between clients and staff.

At the hotel there will be an online check-in and check-out system, and guests will be encouraged to use contactless credit cards for payments. The room magnetic keys will be disinfected after each use and hygienic baggage management measures will be in place.

H10 Rubicon Palace in Gran Canaria

Before checking in to your rooms, they will be unoccupied for at least 24 hours. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned and there will be increased disinfection of surfaces such as switch handles and bathroom accessories. Each room will have a bottle of hand sanitizer and a kit containing face masks.

In public areas, there will be daily ventilation of all areas as well as numerous hand sanitizer dispensers available. H10 hotels also guarantee a minimum safety distance between people.

The hotel bars and restaurants will also have hand sanitizers at all entrances, and there will be capacity limits to allow a social distance between tables of at least 2 meters. After each use, the tables and chairs will be disinfected. Kitchen equipment will also be disinfected at the end of each service.

When you relax around the pool, you will notice that the furniture has been arranged to ensure the distance between the sun loungers. This will mean limited capacity around the pool. There will be increased maintenance and cleaning of the pool water as well as disinfection of the pool and furniture.

Iberostar Hotels

Iberostar launched the “How We Care” project by implementing certain procedures allowing them to reopen and welcome guests again.

After announcing a global lockdown, Iberostar hotels are starting to reopen in selected destinations. The Balearic Islands will open on June 26, 2020 and the island of Ibiza will open on July 3. The Canary Islands will also open on June 26, but with the opening of Lanzarote on August 1. For those wishing to travel to the Spanish region of Andalusia, the hotels will open on June 26 with the seaside resorts of Isla Canela on July 3 and Marbella on July 17. If you want to travel to the Algarve, Iberostar hotels will open on July 16.

Iberostar Anthelia in Tenerife

They have implemented more than 300 measures and aim to make clients feel safe, in accordance with WHO recommendations. All hotels will increase the frequency of disinfection of all areas with new cleaning measures using sustainable products.

There is specialized training for employees on new hygiene and protection measures. There are centralized medical services, including ambulance and isolation rooms.

The hotel occupancy will have a maximum capacity of 70%, and signs will be installed in the hotels to ensure the best flow of people. There will be a reduction in the number of tables in a la carte restaurants as well as an increased space in buffets, and new outdoor dining experiences have been introduced in hotels. Customers can also take advantage of takeout options that use compostable and reusable packaging. Room service is also available.

For children, a “medical superhero” will teach them to play together in the new environment.

Melia Hotels

The Melia hotels have adapted their properties in accordance with the regulations. This includes additional cleaning and hygiene measures, adjustment of space and distance measures. Contacts between customers and staff will also be reduced.

The hotel chain has implemented new cleaning and disinfection procedures, including new products to use. New maintenance plans will be in place for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and water systems.

Melia Palacio de Isora in Tenerife

Before opening, all staff undergo training in food hygiene and health standards, including the use of personal protective equipment. Room cleaning is on request, guests can decide if they want to use cleaning services during their stay. In addition, all cleaning will be done when guests are out of their rooms. In the bedrooms, all papers and stationery will be removed and a digital directory will be installed on the televisions. Disinfection dispensers for hand cleaning will be in public areas, and customers can purchase a kit containing masks, gloves and gel.

Signage will be in the hotels indicating how the areas will be used and reminding the need for social distancing. The capacity of restaurants and swimming pools will be reduced. Buffets will be served to customers in order to optimize the flow of guests and reduce food handling. There will be a take-out service available allowing customers to enjoy their food wherever they want, be it the beach, the pool or the rooms.

As you can see, the hotel chains have worked hard so that, once customers are able to return, all necessary measures have been put in place to ensure that customers are treated extremely well in terms of service, safety and well-being.

Gail Hewitt is the owner and director of Corona Holidays. Corona Holidays specializes in tailor-made holidays in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and European cities.

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