6 Top Hotels in Colombo Sri Lanka Near the Airport

Top Hotels in Colombo Sri Lanka Near the Airport

Colombo is the most important city in all of Sri Lanka. It is the capital and largest city in the country. Colombo is also home to an extensive heritage. That mixes classic Portuguese and British architecture with modern-day skyscrapers. Shopping malls and other places of interest.

Hotels in Colombo Sri Lanka

It is also home to the Bandaranaike International Airport, the key entry point into the country. Considering the value of the airport, it is no surprise that there are plenty of hotels in Colombo Sri Lanka that are near the airport. Mainly comes amid the many good choices that are all around the region.

There are many points to see about these hotels before booking stays at any of these spots:

These are good points to see when finding hotels in Colombo. These are great to find as they are entertaining and appealing to all guests in the area.

Sri Lanka Tea Plantation ]

Green View Hotel

The Green View Hotel is ideal for those looking to find a hotel that doesn’t cost too much. This is a two-star hotel that has some significant rooms and some of the friendliest staff members people will see in a hotel. The hotel itself is surrounded by a vast number of palm trees and greenery. The terraces around the region especially make for some beautiful places for people to relax.

Green View Hotel in Colombo

Gateway Hotel Colombo

The Gateway Hotel Colombo is a four-star hotel located on a vast coconut plantation. It is home to an Ayurvedic spa that features many amazing holistic treatments for all guests.  It is also home to a shopping arcade, a beauty parlor and even has a boat trip and windsurfing charter on site. People can enjoy local teas and shop for locally-mined jewelry and gems here. The dining spaces at this hotel include a variety of authentic Indian meals.

Full Moon Garden Hotel

One appealing option among luxury hotels in Colombo is the Full Moon Garden Hotel. This fashionable hotel features an exotic Asian sea menu and a beautiful swimming pool. It is also home to an impressive banquet hall with plenty of services for wedding receptions or other special events. The hotel itself is also located relatively close to the coastline, so it offers some high places for people to enjoy relaxing in.

The Wallawwa

Heading out a little east from the airport, the Wallawwa is a boutique hotel. It has more of a contemporary look while offering a peaceful surrounding in a calm area. The suites in the hotel are relaxing and appealing. The spa is also famous for providing Ayurvedic treatments while working with a more holistic approach to taking care of a person’s body. The hotel is designed to be more casual in general and provides people with an opportunity to feel relaxed and rested.

Sun Up Hotel

The Sun Up Hotel is only two kilometers away from the Colombo airport. It is a right spot for those aiming for a budget choice. This hotel has a relaxing approach that features full rooms with beautiful and spacious showers in each one. It is also not too far off from the nearby lagoon, thus providing people with plenty of options for relaxing by the water.

Sun Up Hotel

Tamarind Tree

Located not too far east. The Tamarind Tree hotel is conveniently located not too far from the airport while still offering plenty of luxurious and quaint villas. The pool has its bar right on the side. It is also not too now from a few of the railway stations in the region. This should give you easy access to some spots all around the neighborhood.

Tamarind Tree Hotel

People looking to enjoy a great time near Colombo should take a look at these choices for great hotels. The options are varied and attractive, but it does help to compare each opportunity to get a good idea of what is available and the many things that are available.

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