Hotel Wailea – A Review of Maui’s Stunning Boutique Resort

Many big-name beach hotels in Maui, such as the Honolulu counterpart, are – of course – large. Loud pools, crowded elevators and crowds of tourists. It may seem like a paradise for college-aged travelers over spring break, but for those of us looking for a more tranquil and recurring Hawaiian experience, a better option. Couples around the world have discovered a tranquil alternative to the bustling beach: Hotel Valea, Maui’s only luxury boutique hotel.

Travelers have a lot to say about Hotel Valea, which boasts a 4.5 / 5 score on TripAdvisor and ranks third among hotels in Wailea, Maui. We will cover some highlights below and give you some tips on how to make your stay the most enjoyable.

Hotel ground overview

Unlike many beachfront hotels, Hotel Wailea is not a large building. Instead, it is the secluded enclave of a double-story villa, spread over 15 acres of rolling hills. The property receives a lot of praise for being well manicured and beautifully forgotten. In fact, guests often spend their first moments, simply exploring the property, overlooking the tranquil gardens, relaxing fountains, and a pool with fish. The architecture is inspired by a Zen Japanese twist by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Mountains are great for snapping pictures of the sea, but keep in mind that you can take a little walk to get to your room. Walking is not unreasonable, but will certainly require more effort than the nice flat layout you would find in a regular hotel building. Suggestion: Request a room near the lobby or parking lot if you don’t walk too much.

The upside of the big layout is that you feel like you have the whole space. Many guests note that they see very few people around except in common areas. This place definitely lacks the touristy, chaotic element you will find in large hotels along the beach.


The property has a total of 72 one-bedroom suites. Suites are two storeys villas with two suites upstairs and two on the ground floor. There is rarely any noise complaint, so the suit appears well insulated. TIP: The suites above have the best ocean views and the room numbers end in 3 or 4. Suites are usually sold by type of view, and guests highly recommend the panoramic sea view suite.

The first thing travelers notice about the rooms is their spaciousness, which is also evident from the photos you will find online. Each suite has a kitchen area with cook top, refrigerator and sink. TIP: If you plan on cooking in your room be sure to request utensils and pans ahead of time. There are very few dishes and pans left in the room by default. You can also request a microwave.

In terms of furniture, there is a full table with two seats for dining, a pull-out couch, a coffee table and a family room with LCD television. Each suite has a private, spacious lanai (patio) with lounge chairs facing the sea.

In some earlier reviews, travelers complained that the rooms were out of date. In response, hotel management has made considerable progress in up-to-date rooms with new branding, furniture, luxury linens and new beds.

Most rooms have a king size bed, but some have double beds. The master bathroom has massive soaking tubs and walk-in showers, these are perfect apart from each other, with no separation between them – great for couples but it can be awkward for friends and family. Nevertheless, some bathrooms may use some updating, but most guests do not seem to have this problem.

Some suites are near a koi pond, and receive mixed reviews. Some travelers like being able to feed fish from their courtyard every morning. However, mosquitoes may be attracted to the lake by its water, especially in the evening. So if you are a mosquito magnet, be sure to avoid the suites on the side of the pond.


Hotel facilities tend more towards couples than families with children, and most guests appreciate the relative lack of children on the property. One of the major facilities is the on-site, Japanese-style spa (Spa Valiya), which has free entry for guests. Guests absolutely love the bath bath, where you can engage in Japanese art ofuro Or “Spa Bath.” There is also a hot tub and a dry sauna.

The pool is small compared to what you would find in larger hotels, but guests say it makes the setting more intimate and comfortable. The entire pool area has several full-size beds and beach chairs, as well as a pool bar that sells drinks in a few hours. Most people are pleased with the fitness center, which is located in a beautiful room that is open to the sea, but hardcore gym goers may be disappointed. The equipment is not extensive – there is a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike and a ballflex. As of May ’12, there is not a full set of dumbbells.

When you want to visit Valeya beach, the hotel has a free shuttle (Cadillac Escalade), which guests say is very prompt. The hotel has a private beach section with beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and bottled water (covered by resort fees) in Grand Velia. You can also charge your account at Grand Valea, allowing you to have lunch or order cocktails and not worry about bringing any cash to the beach.

All these facilities come at a cost – a mandatory $ 25 / day resort fee. But do not overcome this fear; The guest insists that it is well spent money.


It is known that Hotel Valea is not a beach property and in general is quite secluded. According to Google Maps, it is a 1.4 mile (~ 26 minutes) walk to the beach and down a slope, so unless you are a fond traveler, you really want to use the free shuttle. The shuttle will take you anywhere, including the Valea Blue Golf Course, to the beach and Valea.


There is a highly-acclaimed restaurant called Capische which serves delicious Italian food. The restaurant has earned several awards, including the Zagat 5-Star Award for being the best Italian restaurant in Hawaii. But the prices are very steep. The dinner menu is found on the hotel website.

There is a free continental breakfast each morning. Guests give information about locally made bananas and lilokoi bread and fresh guava juice. Your other food choices are in Velia. Like bailey salmon, there is a general store in stores across the valley selling freshly made food.


Passengers consistently keep service top notch. Housekeeping does an excellent job as there are not hundreds of suites to do the cleaning. When you step out of the room, the maids try to clean up so that they are not disturbed. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. A passenger was on a gluten-free diet and was told that before he arrived, he was able to provide a gluten-free breakfast to the staff. So when you book make sure to tell them about any allergies and dietary restrictions. In general, employees find it far more cordial than major chain hotels.


Hotel Wailea is perfect for couples looking for a quiet air vacation without the chaos of large beachfront hotels. The rooms are spacious, but may require some updates. The property itself is sprawling and well landscaped, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific from most suites. Rates run between $ 250- $ 399 per night during the summer, which is an excellent value, considering how the area’s major hotels easily double or more. If you buy at least 90 days in advance directly through the hotel, the price rises to around $ 170 per night, again an unbeatable price for the region.

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