Hotel Staff Reveals 10 Things You Must Know About Before Booking A Room

Staying in a hotel room on your vacation is fun, isn’t it? After all, this is the best place to pamper yourself as you don’t have to make your own bed and the staff is always at your service. Do you know that there are some hotel room secrets that the staff is hiding from you?

You’ll probably want to be aware of these experiences so you’re careful the next time you check in to a hotel room. However, this may not be true in every case, especially in prestigious hotels. Secret number 10 will shock you.

hotel room mystery

Here are 10 secrets we bring to you from behind the front-desk. Let’s begin the juicy mystery uncovering game:

#1 How clean are the drinking glasses?

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You will be surprised to know that the drinking glasses in your hotel room are not as shiny as they appear. One homeowner said they simply wash it with water and dry it with a towel before putting it in the room. So, if you are anti-germ, you will definitely be committing suicide every time you drink wine from a hot glass.

#2 The complimentary breakfast isn’t actually free

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If you think that booking a hotel room with free breakfast is the best money saving decision, you will be heartbroken but it is not true. The cost of that “free” breakfast is somewhere included in the cost of your room, although it’s still cheaper than eating somewhere else.

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#3 Not all hotel rooms are the same

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believe it or not! Not all king size or deluxe rooms are the same, even if they fall in the same category. One deluxe room may have a large balcony, another a large bathroom. Of course they are from the same hand, but not all the fingers are the same.

#4 You may have to check out of the hotel

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The thing about hotels is that they are booked at 110% capacity. Therefore, there is a chance that if you turn up on the day of check-in, there will be no space for you as it has already been given to someone else. This could be if you’re in town for a night or another guest is their regular customer. Don’t worry though! In such cases, the hotel is liable to offer you a room at the same price (including taxes) in another hotel in the area.

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#5 Booked a discounted hotel? get discounted price

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Discount hotel rooms on the internet are the least desirable rooms. This is because hotels do not make any profit on it. Well, to be honest, you have chosen the room not on the basis of experience but on the basis of price. So you can’t really complain if the hotel room experience doesn’t live up to your expectations.

#6 Rooms are available even if there is no vacancy

If a hotel sign says no vacancies, chances are the hotel still has some rooms available. These rooms are reserved for replacement in case there is some fault with the guests in other rooms.

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#7 There is a way to avoid cancellation fees

If you book the room directly with the hotel, you can avoid paying cancellation fees. Simply call the hotel and ask them to postpone your reservation. Then call again after a while and hope there is someone else on the line and cancel your postponed appointment. You can try it and see if it works or not.

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#8 Your bed is dirty

…and everything else in the room is dirty too, unless you’re staying at a 5-star hotel like the Ritz Carlton or Marriott. Housekeeping staff in 3-star hotels rarely change quilts and do not even wash linens or bedsheets between stays. Do not touch the remote control even with your bare hands. It is never cleaned.

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#9 You can change your room after viewing it

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Don’t you like the room? You can get it changed and ask for replacement. However, if all rooms have been checked in, this may not be possible.

#10 Death in hotel room

There is a possibility that someone may have died in the room where you are staying. Hotel staff do not give this information out because they do not want to lose their customers.

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Now all the things have been revealed to you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! We have no intention of spoiling your hotel experience. We just ask that you take extra precautions the next time you book a vacation and stay in a hotel room.

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