13 Affordably Priced Hostels In Sofia For A Family Vacation

Resting at the foot of Vitosha Mountain and in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, there’s nothing Sofia can’t offer. Sofia is one of the most A picturesque city, no matter which angle it is viewed from. Sofia is an ideal place for solo travel. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful city, be sure to stay in one of these budget hostel in sofia,

13 best hostels in Sofia

Once you enter Bulgaria, you won’t want to leave anytime soon. We have selected 13 incredible hostels in Sofia to make your trip memorable:

1. Canape Connection

Canape Connection

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A boutique hostel that includes both private rooms and a private dorm, Canape Connection is the best hostel in the city. The hosts, Nadia and Ivo, have created a very homely and warm atmosphere for backpackers, young love birds and travelers of all types. According to some popular reviews, the hostel has extremely comfortable beds and a very friendly atmosphere. The hosts are always at the service of the visitors, sharing tips and bits for an efficient tour of the city. The hostel has also collaborated with a vegetarian restaurant that serves delicious food.

Place: William Gladstone 12, 1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 4.6

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2. Hostel Mostel

Hostel Mostel

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If apart from traveling solo, you are also a foodie, then Hostel Mostel is the perfect place for you when you are backpacking from Sofia. Located in the heart of Sofia, Hostel Mostel offers you the ideal environment to socialize, connect with fellow travelers and plan random adventures. The hostel is within walking distance of the metro station as well as the Nationalna Hudogestavena Galeria art museum.

Place: Makedonia 2, 1606 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating:4.4

3. Sophia Smart

sophia smart

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If you want to stay on a budget, this hostel is for you. The hostel lets travelers use the communal kitchen and laundry facilities at absolutely no cost and offers clean and comfortable rooms. The location of the hostel is great as it is walking distance to the Synagogue, Banya Bashi Mosque and the mineral baths.

Place: Knyaz Boris, 145, 1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.7

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4. Guest House 32

Guest house

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The main focus of the hostel is to develop a pleasant ambiance for the travelers and provide them the best private rooms. Just fifty meters from Vitosha Boulevard, this is an ideal hostel for couples traveling together. The National Palace of Culture is a 200-meter walk away.

Place: 32, Hristo Belchev Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.9

5. Nightingale Hostel

Nightingale Hostel

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If you are traveling in a group of friends then this place would be an ideal choice as the hostel has three and four beds in family rooms. The hostel also has private rooms. Hosts David and Sylvia do their best to enhance their guests’ experience by always being there to assist.

Place: Budapest Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.6

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6. Art Hostel

art hostel

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If you are a 21st century digital nomad or need a break from official touring, this is your abode in Sofia. In addition to high-speed, unlimited WiFi, the hostel has its own garden, café and bar. The metro station is a five-minute walk from the hostel. Needless to say, the National Art Gallery is a ten-minute walk away. The walls are full of original and quirky artworks. The terrace garden is a work of art.

Place: Angel Kanchev 21, 1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 4

7. Hostel 123

hostel 123

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Close to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Zaimov Park, Hostel 123 is one of the most recommended hostels for solo travelers. The hostel’s common room is a wonderful place to socialize and so is the café. You can enjoy a lazy morning with a complimentary breakfast.

Place: Air 90, 1527 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 4.1

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8. Crosspoint

crossing point

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The hostel has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all types of travelers. Located in the center of Sofia, the hostel is a 5-minute walk from Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and 300 meters from the nearest metro station. The National Art Gallery and the neoclassical Ivan Vazov National Theater are close to the hostel.

Place: General Perensov 6, 1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.6

9. Be my guest

be my guest

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This hostel in Sofia is run by a family and offers private rooms and dormitories suitable for all possible types of pockets. If you are willing to experience the authentic hospitality of Bulgaria, this is the place you are looking for. If you want to indulge in activities like horse riding, skiing, diving or kite surfing, all you have to do is ask and the team at Be My Guest will arrange it for you instantly.

Place: Ivan Vazov 13, 1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.9

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10. Orient Express

Orient Express

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The mere fact that the hostel organizes free tours of the city is enough to book a room at the Orient Express in Europe. You can reach the city center in less than a minute. Orthopedic mattresses are a real pleasure after long walks around the city.

Place: Balkan 2, 1303 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.4

11. Hostel 44

hostel 44

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Located within walking distance of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the National Palace of Culture, the hostel is painted pink. You can socialize with some fellow travelers in the TV lounge or simply browse some local channels, it’s up to you.

Place: Iskar 31, Sofia 1000, 1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.7

12. Hostel Ivory Tower

Hostel Ivory Tower

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The hostel has only four rooms and hence it is recommended for travelers who would be comfortable sharing their space with new people. The intimate setting of this hostel makes way for some wonderful storytelling sessions. The hostel beds have storage space and would make a lovely temporary home if you’re in Sofia for a long time.

Place: Tsar Samuel 60, 1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 3.8

13. Moretto and Caffetto

Moretto and Caffetto

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For all those social creatures who party on a daily basis, this is the hostel you are looking for. The hostel has its own bar if you want to taste the local beer. You can explore the Vitosha mountains together with fellow travelers as they are easily accessible via public transportation from the hostel base.

Place: Burrell 41, 1408 Ivan Vazov, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google Rating: 4.3

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It may take a relatively long time for Sofia to be exposed to new travelers. If you are planning to stay here for a few days, check out one of the recommended hostels in Sofia and don’t think twice before booking them. There is a youthful energy to the hostels here. Travel to Europe immediately to live it in Sofia.

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