10 Coolest Hostels In Madrid On Budget

Madrid is the largest municipality in Spain. About 3.2 million people live in it. It is a bustling city with tourists from all over the world. With such a large influx of people, hostels in Madrid have become a very popular option for accommodation. These hostels are generally located near tourist destinations making transportation cheaper for travelers.

10 best hostels in Madrid

If a traveler wants to save some money while visiting Madrid, he or she will find hostels in Madrid as a viable option. Many people try to stay away from hostels because of the stereotypes revolving around them, but with a new wave, these hostels have created interiors that make them the best places to stay in Madrid.

1. Okay Hostel

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OK Hostel is located right in the center of La Latina, Madrid’s old town. It is a center of art and culture. They have a very comfortable room with very interesting interior decor that will definitely make the stay more enjoyable. OK Hostel is a good option for double bedrooms, sleeps 4-6 and even female only hostels. If you are a solo traveller, this hostel would be a great choice due to its proximity to major tourist spots.

Place: 24 Calle de Juanelo, Madrid, Community of Madrid,
price: INR 10,000/- per room
Nearby places: It has many Indian restaurants near it

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2. Talk Hostel

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Talk Hostel takes decor to the next level. It has a beautiful interior inspired by Scandinavian culture. The hostel also has a café and bar. There’s also a mini supermarket inside, great for stocking up for a “midnight snack”. Since this hostel is in a posh area of ​​Madrid, you won’t have too many concerns about safety.

Place: 3 Plaza Celanc, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 7,000/- per room
Nearby places: Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor

3. Hostel Gala

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If any traveler is looking for a hostel that suits the needs of a family then Hostel Gala is the right place for them. It has no dormitories and has rooms ranging from single to shared for six people, making it great for families. Most of the guests here are family, friends or elderly people. You can easily make friends with new people here, it depends on the crowd that comes to this hostel.

Place: 15 Costanilla de los Ángeles, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 6,000/- per room
Nearby places: Plaza del Oriente and the Royal Palace

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4. U Hostel

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U Hostel is Madrid’s first luxury hostel. It is housed in a 19th-century palace near Alonso Martínez Square. The rooms are big and luxurious. It also hosts entertainment events such as sangria drinking and flamenco shows. The overall ambiance of this hostel is very comfortable. With large, simple rooms and colorful walls, you won’t want to miss this place during your trip to Spain.

Place: 22 Calle de Sagasta, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 5,800/- per room
Nearby places: Near Chueca, great for nightlife.

5. Mad4U Hostel

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Mad4you Hostel is located in the most attractive location of the city, Malasana. This area is one of the city’s highlights, travelers will find great bars, restaurants and vintage shops to enjoy. It has four to six hostels and also a hostel for women only. You will definitely like this place because of its attractive decor and luxurious facilities.

Place: 4 Costanilla de San Vicente, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 5,000/- per room
Nearby places: Charming Bar and Gallery

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6. Sungate One

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Sungate is the perfect hostel to enjoy a holiday in Madrid. There are no cots in the hostel, beds are made for travelers to rest. It has a fully equipped kitchen and free churros in the morning. It also has a bar which starts at 11:30 pm where passengers can enjoy a beer for Rs 100. Although things are minimal here, you will definitely love the open space you get.

Place: Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 4,000/- per room
Nearby places: Madrid’s main shopping street

7. Way Hostel

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Way Hostel is one of the popular hostels in Madrid. It is located in one of the multicultural neighborhoods of Lavapiés. The neighborhood is full of restro bars and art galleries. The hostel also offers multiple options for rooms, such as four rooms, six rooms and up to 12 rooms. With a concise living space and comfortable beds, you will love to relax after a city tour.

Place: 17 Calle Relatores, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 4,000/- per room
Nearby places: Tirso de Molina, Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor

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8. Far Home Hostel

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Far Home is a cozy hostel near Atocha station. It is great for families and older people. The hostel is for those who want to relax and spend a comfortable vacation. It has double and triple sharing rooms at very reasonable rates. The rooms are just like something out of a movie and you will love relaxing in the comfortable beds after a tiring day on the streets of Madrid.

Place: 45 Calle de Atocha, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 3,500/- per room
Nearby places: Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Plaza Isabel II (also known as the “Opera”)

9. hat

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The Hat is a very popular hostel in Madrid. It’s less of a hostel and more of a designed hotel. The Hat has a rooftop bar which is a very popular spot in the city. Travelers also get complimentary bar services upon arrival, which definitely makes it attractive. The decor is minimal but the view out the window will be worth the time it takes to get here.

Place: 9 Imperial Street, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 3,000/- per room
Nearby places: Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Plaza Isabel II (also known as the “Opera”)

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10. Mola Hostel

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This hostel is located in the happening area of ​​the city. It is also known as a “posh hostel”. The interior of the hostel is modern and well-furnished. The Mola also organizes flamenco shows, bar crawls and many other social activities. With unique, concise décor and comfortable bunk beds, this hostel will win your heart every time you enter your room.

Place: 16 Calle de Atocha, Madrid, Community of Madrid
price: INR 2,500/- per room
Nearby places: Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Plaza Isabel II, also known as the “Opera”

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