10 Budget- Friendly Hostels In Bucharest One Must Visit To Experience A Comfortable Stay!

Bucharest is not an unknown tourist destination. Known for its amazing historical and cultural significance, this place is definitely one of the most visited places in Romania. Being the capital of the country, it is not surprising that more and more tourists are flocking to this city year after year. One thing that makes this place different is that it has entertainment options for everyone, no matter what your budget is. When it comes to a tight budget or you just want to try something different, staying within hostels in bucharest In fact it is a wonderful way to not only see a different side but also make new friends.

Top 10 Hostels in Bucharest

1. Podstyle Umbrella

Podstel Umbrella in Bucharest

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The best thing about staying in a hostel is that it gives you a chance to meet new people and get to know new people. Podstel Umbrella is truly a wonderful place for you to find a loving and supportive community of travelers who come together to spend some quality time after a long day exploring. The hostel is run by 5 best friends from all over the world who love to travel. After 4 years of vigorous travel, they moved and settled in Romania and then opened their first hostel, Podestrel Umbrella. This hostel is known for its wonderful and spacious rooms and amazing hospitality.

Rating: 5/5
Place: Christian Tell Street, No. 21, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from INR 607

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2. Omega House

Omega House in Bucharest

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Yet one of the best hostels in Bucharest is Omega House. This place is often known as a place where you can work together, co-exist and simply have the time of your life. A hostel is more than just a hostel. It also has a café, a specialty coffee shop and even a well-equipped kitchen for people to work from. It is believed to be about more than just boarders staying there, this place is about creating a community of people with similar passions who come together under one roof. The whole place is filled with different types of people and if that is something that attracts you, then make your booking well ahead of time.

Rating: 4/5
Place: 20 Aurel Vlaicu Street, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from INR 809

3. First Hostel

first dorm scene

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First Hostel is one of the top hostels in Bucharest and is known for its lively atmosphere and amazing hospitality. This is a relatively brand new hostel in Bucharest and growing rapidly. Located in the Uniri neighbourhood, it is located very close to some of the most important amenities that one needs. It also has mixed-room dorms and even suites for those who need some privacy in their stay. It comes with its fair share of amenities that are needed for a comfortable stay.

Rating: 4.5/5
Place: B.D. Maracesti no. 86, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from INR 647

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4. Podestrel Bucharest

Podestrel Bucharest

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Yet another one of the amazing hostels is Podestrel Bucharest. It is often considered one of the best party hostels in Bucharest where people can stay, communicate and have the time of their lives by meeting new people. They have dorm style rooms as well as private rooms if one so desires. It is run by a community if travel lovers love to travel and like to make a change from the routine life. It is located very close to some of the most important places like Uniry Square.

Rating: 4.5/5
Place: Olimpului Street No. 13, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from INR 728


5. X Hostel Bucharest

X Hostel Bucharest

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Next up on the list of amazing hostels in Bucharest is X Hostel. Located in the city centre, this hostel is just a few minutes’ walk from some of Bucharest’s most popular sights. It is located a few minutes away from Unirii Square as well as Lipskani. It is often considered a wonderful place to visit and check out the nearby nightlife. It has its own pub as well as a common room, which you don’t necessarily find in other hostels.

Rating: 4/5
Place: Balcesti 9, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from INR 607


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6. Midland Hostel

Midland Hostel

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If the reviews about the place are anything to go by, Midland Hostel is one of the best student hostels in Bucharest. This place is owned and run by a group of 3 friends from 3 different parts of the world who arrived in Romania and fell in love with the place and then opened the hostel. The best thing about this hostel is that its prices are really quite reasonable, making it easy for people to book and stay there for a longer period of time. The entire hostel is very well planned with some amazing facilities that makes the stay worthwhile and comfortable as well.

Rating: 4/5
Place: Street Biserica Amzei, No. 22, Apartment 3, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from Rs 607.25


7. The Coziness Hostel

Coziness Hostel View

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As the name of the place suggests, Coziness Hostel has everything you need to explore in Bucharest. This is a unique and cozy hostel located in the heart of Bucharest and it offers guests all the hospitality they would expect from the people there. It really is a wonderful way to make new friends and improve your social life. There is even a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook and enjoy your own food.

Rating: 4.5/5
Place: Drumea Radulescu, No. 28, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from INR 692


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8. Sleep in Hostel

sleep in hostel

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If you are planning to spend the morning sightseeing around the place and party hard at night, then Sleep Inn Hostel is the perfect place for you. When it comes to the heart it occupies a prominent place. City. It is located just 2 minutes away from the old city and has amazing hospitality and affordable accommodation options.

Rating: 4.5/5
Place: Mavrogheni Nikolay Street, no. 8, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from INR 606


9. Ancient Hostel

ancient dormitory scene

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Another amazing hostel in Bucharest is Antique Hostel. It is located right in the center of Bucharest city and is perfect for those looking for an affordable yet wonderful accommodation option. It is close to some of Bucharest’s most popular sights, just a few minutes’ walk from them, making it a wonderful location.

Rating: 4.5/5
Place: Str. Spăliul Independiente No. 2A, Sector 3, 030099, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starting from Rs 692.93


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10. Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel

Pura Vida Sky Bar and Hostel

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Last but not least on the list is Pura Vida Sky Bar and Hostel which is not the usual hostel you come across. It is one of the most happening hostels in Bucharest and thus considered one of the most popular in the entire region. Partying, drinking and having fun in a comfortable and affordable environment is what this place is all about.

Rating: 3.5/5
Place: Smardan No. 7, Bucharest, Romania
price: Starts from INR 455.03


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If you are planning a vacation to Europe in the near future, be sure to enjoy a comfortable stay in one of these budget-friendly hostels in Bucharest that ensure the best of services and availability of all amenities.

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