Do Horizontal Waterfalls Exist On Earth? Yes, They Do! And No, We Are Not Crazy.

Nature always finds new ways to surprise humans. And most of them are just as unusual and funny as these Horizontal Falls in Australia That we have no choice but to be surprised! Till now you must have seen only vertical waterfalls falling from the rock. Talbot Bay, located off the coast of Kimberley, is where you’ll find Australia’s most unusual natural wonder. Known as ‘Horries’, these are the only horizontal waterfalls to exist on planet Earth. How wonderful, isn’t it?

About Horizontal Falls in Australia

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These unusual waterfalls are the result of another trick of nature unique tidal movements When turquoise water flows through two narrow valleys. Water collects on one side of a rock in the McLarty Range and flows rapidly through a small channel, forming a waterfall. You will also notice that these springs turn sideways.

The coolness doesn’t end here, friends!

Every day, when the tide turns, the water starts flowing in the opposite direction. So waterfalls aren’t just horizontal, they’reversible‘ Very. What to say?!

Can you pass these absolutely stunning horizontal waterfalls in Australia?

Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, several tour operators in Kimberley, Australia organize boat trips to the Horizontal Falls for what they call ‘the trip of your lifetime’. If you don’t like wobbly boat rides, you can join seaplane tours to witness this rare phenomenon.

How to reach Horizontal Falls in Australia?

If you are wondering how to reach Horizontal Falls, the only way is by boat. There is no road access to Talbot Bay in the Kimberley region (Western Australia), where the waterfalls are located. It is 110 km north west of Derby and 220 km north west of Broome. The only way to reach Kimberley is by road. The nearest airport is Broome International Airport which is connected to all parts through flights. You can rent a car from here.

A way to save time would be to book the Horizontal Falls Tour from Derby or Broome which will take you in a seaplane over the Falls from Derby/Broome and even take you on a cruise to Talbot Bay.

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Very interested?

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If you are a true nature lover then you will get to see this rare wonder of nature on your next trip to Australia. After all, life is all about adventures and witnessing the rare phenomenon that nature has in store for you.

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