These Mysterious Holy Places In India Will Make You Question Science!

There is much more to India than meets the eye if one is willing to look beyond it! Often, we turn to news channels and some major debates that question the logic. The very existence of such places immediately attracts our attention. Standing firm and proud when there is no solid foundation, there are many holy places in india Which you have to see to believe.
While we can’t be more sure that India is filled with more extraordinary places than you can imagine, some of them definitely spark a unique realm of imagination that you won’t be able to resist visiting.

6 holy places in India that defy logic

When it comes to a land as diverse as India, logic certainly cannot be applied to many places. Here is a list of some holy places where you must visit to witness these mysterious phenomena.

1. Hazrat Qamar Ali Darwish

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Located at a distance of 16 km from Mumbai, Hazrat Qamar Ali Darwish is known for having a mysterious stone on its board. There is such a legend about this stone that tourists come from far and wide to see its grandeur. It is said that this stone is blessed by a saint and only 11 men, chanting the name of their holy saint, can lift this stone together. Many people have tried and failed but there is no other way to do it. Science has not yet been able to provide any logic for this type of phenomenon.

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2. Nidhi Van

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In Vrindavan, there is the temple of Rang Mahal situated amidst the lush green forest area called Nidhivan. Even though there are many mythological legends associated with this place, many unnatural incidents around this temple cannot be explained with proper logic. Despite being a dry land, the trees present in this forest have green leaves throughout the year and they are also inclined towards the earth. Prasad like sweets, sarees and dry fruits are kept inside the temple which are eaten the next morning. Those who try to remain in the premises after sunset despite the ban either become blind, go mad or die.

3. Jwala Mukhi Temple

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Himachal Pradesh is home to many mysteries, one of which is the glorious temple of Jwala Mukhi, with which many beliefs are associated. When you visit, you will find an eternal flame burning in the premises of this temple and it is believed that this is the place where the tongue of Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva, fell on earth after her death. Many scientific organizations have attempted to find the source of this amazing flame but have so far failed to give us any answers.

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4. Chidambaram Nataraja Temple

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Many artisans and architects have said of creating a unique structure without many useful tools at their disposal, which has left people amazed. One such temple is Chidambaram Nataraja Temple of Tamil Nadu, when we visit this place a question arises in our mind. In that era, where such equipment did not exist, the question is ‘How is it that the three temples of Kanchipuram Ekambareswara Temple, Chidambaram Nataraja Temple and Sri Kalahasti Temple are built on exactly the same longitude?’ Worth considering!

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5. Veerbhadra Temple

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Also known as Lepakshi Temple, named after the Lepakshi district within which it is situated, the Veerabhadra Temple complex is famous for the mystery of a hanging pillar. Of the total 70 pillars present in the temple grounds, no one has yet been able to answer how only one pillar remains detached from the ground. Visitors often check the said spot beneath the pillar by passing a piece of cloth over that area.

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6. Sugali Mata Temple

Did you know that gravity is probably more powerful than you thought? Of course, this facilitates all life on Earth but what if you can only see the effects in one area? Well, probably not. The head of the deities of the famous Sugali Mata temple remains a complete mystery which has not been solved yet. No matter how many attempts have been made to make this idol by different artisans, it has been observed that after some time, the head soon tilts in one direction. So, maybe it’s something other than gravity.

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What makes any place interesting is simply the site that catches your attention. However, what compels you to explore it are the legends and myths that make your visit worthwhile. Legends that have been passed down through generations are challenging the foundations of science. To know more about these interesting places, a holiday in India would be the perfect plan! So, when are you coming?

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