If You’re Not At One Of These Places On Holi, Are You Even Celebrating The Festival Of Colors?

The festival of colors not only brings celebration but also a wave of happiness, positivity and enthusiasm across India. Make the most of this excitement by becoming one of these in 2023 holi parties in bangalore Which will take your Holi celebration to the next level.

Ushering in the first big festival of 2023, Bangalore will be treated to some spectacular Holi events filled with music, colours, artistic shows and lots of fun. Spring in India is always welcomed in the most colorful way imaginable. The festival of Holi is special for people in many ways as it brings a reason to celebrate, party, meet old friends and forget old enemies (an old Holi festival saying).

Top 6 Holi Parties in Bangalore for 2023

On the festival of Holi, a lot of artists, musicians, DJs and performers come to the festival grounds to organize events for Holi 2023 in Bangalore. Below are some of the most happening Holi parties in Bangalore that you should definitely consider.

1. Color Rasiya

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A party inspired by the festival of colours, Rang Rasiya (Holi Hai) is set to be an incredible mix of music, dance, food, colors and festivity in the heart of Bengaluru. Rang Rasiya’s party will have organic colours, live DJ, pool party and snacks counter to help you enjoy the festivities. So grab your friends and head this way holi pool party in bengaluru,

When: March, 2023

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2. Gulaal 2023

A celebration of colours, music and performances welcomes party-goers in Gulaal 2023. Coming to the group of Holi parties in Bangalore, Gulaal 2023 has made quite a splash and attracted the attention of many with its elaborate planning that includes three days of adrenaline-fuelled partying. And celebration. So, if you want to enjoy Best holi party in bangalore, Now visit this.

The three days of celebration in Gulaal 2023 are divided into Day 1- Nakshatra, Day 2- Rangeela, and Day 3- Rang De Bengaluru. Festival Pass includes unlimited organic colours, water guns, rain dance party stage, DJ and Punjabi Dhol performance. Don’t forget to protect your skin and hair by applying oil before leaving the venue.

When: March, 2023

3. Zone By The Park Holi Party

Celebrate the vibrant festival of colors this Holi Zone by the Park. A stylish venue, known for hosting the best Holi celebrations in Bangalore in the past. The organizers have made all the necessary preparations for the big day, which includes- a huge outdoor setup that will include empty ground space, DJ, organic colours, DJ and live food and drink counters. The main attraction of the event is the 40 feet by 40 feet rain dance stage where you can dance to some Bollywood, remix and dhol beats.

When: March, 2023

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4. Aqua Holi

For those who want to keep their Holi scenes less messy, it is recommended to plan a weekend party at Cowboy Resort in Bangalore. Aqua Holi is going to be an incredible confluence of colours, party, music and cultural performances. People can enjoy a fun-filled weekend with AC camp stay, evening musical performances and campfires at the venue.

When: March, 2023

5. Holika Zombie Holi Festival 2023

A festival like Holi would be incomplete without an out-of-the-box theme party. So if you are looking forward to an exciting Holi celebration in Bangalore, then this party is for you. Holika Zombie Holi Festival is celebrating the festival of colors with a scary twist as it strives to beat all the Holi parties in Bangalore by becoming the most talked about party in the city. How are they planning to do it? A zombie theme Holi celebration with lots of surprises, colours, musical performances and ATV moto stunts.

When: March, 2023

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6. What is the meaning of Holi?

Like its Bollywood-inspired peppy name, the event is also very catchy. With a vibrant mix of retro, international and Punjabi DJs for its programme, What’s Behind Holi strives to move forward in its first edition in 2017. Along with being an ideal location for a rain dance party, the event grounds will also be equipped with a photo booth, drummers, unlimited organic colors and food stalls.

When: March, 2023

Preparations for the festival of colors are gaining momentum as many exciting Holi parties are gaining momentum in Bengaluru and attracting more and more visitors. And now that you know how Holi is celebrated in Bangalore, hurry up and plan a trip to Bangalore. Make your booking and get there to enjoy one of the most colorful festivals before all the tickets are sold out!

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FAQs About Holi Parties in Bangalore

Which are the best Holi parties in Bangalore in 2023?

Here are some of the best Holi parties you can enjoy in Bangalore: Rang Rasiya, Gulaal 2023, Zone By The Park Holi Party, Aqua Holi, HOLIKA Zombie Holi Festival 2023, and Holi Ke Peeche Kya Hai.

What is the weather like in Bengaluru in March?

The weather in Bengaluru in March is pleasant with temperatures ranging between 20°C to 30°C. Along with enjoying Holi to the fullest, you can also enjoy sightseeing.

Can I visit Bangalore during the current Covid situation?

Yes, you can plan a trip to Bangalore during the current Covid situation. However, make sure you are fully vaccinated and always carry your vaccination certificate. Apart from this, you have to follow government protocols which include wearing a mask in public, sanitizing hands at certain intervals and maintaining social distancing.

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