Historical Tours In London 2023: An Encounter With The History And Culture Of This British City!

‘History, as they say, is alive and well and living in London.’ This is one of Helen Hanff’s most famous quotes and is absolutely true. If you are a history buff and yearning for a holiday, then you should tick off the fascinating city of London from your bucket list. An iconic city with rich history and culture, London is famous for its historic buildings, Roman streets, stunning churches and much more. The best way to explore this iconic city would be on one of the historical tours in London. Do you love traveling and exploring unknown cities? London would be the ideal destination for you and you must check out this list of impeccable historical tours of london Which will help you in getting acquainted with the history and traditions of the city. Whether it’s mysterious up-close tours or the epic Warner Bros. Studio Tour, all of these tours are sure to be extraordinary!

Best time to visit London

London blooms in the months of March and May, which will be perfect for planning your holidays. You can also visit London in the month of December as you can see many international tourists during the winter season. Hotel and flight prices will be very high at this time. London is one of the most popular destinations in the world, so it is crowded all year round. The best part of visiting London in late spring is that the whole city looks extremely beautiful as all the parks are lush green and there is a pleasant smell of flowers all around the city.

Visa and currency

An Indian citizen can apply for a UK visa through an online portal. All you need is your original passport and other documents. You can easily fill the online form in any language of your choice and then pay the fee which is Rs 7,981 for short term visa which is 6 months. If you have any queries you can easily solve them on the online website or visit the visa application center located near your city.

currency: pound sterling

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4 historical tours in London

Get ready to be immersed in London’s history in ways you never imagined before. Check out this list of the best historical tours in London that you should take on your holidays!

1. Night bus journey

As dusk falls, set out on a journey to explore London’s key historic sites such as the city’s Financial District, Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. This bus will take you to other major places like the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Imagine a night spent on a bus exploring the most important historical places that will surprise you. Be sure to visit this tour as it is one of the most famous London history tour,

Ticket cost: £21.00/ INR 1,849

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2. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

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Are you a big fan of the Harry Potter series? one of the following Best historical tours in London Exploring the gorgeous studio where the impeccable film Harry Porter was shot. From Platform 9 ¾ to the Hogwarts Express, you can see all the magical highlights you loved seeing in the movie. You can learn about the history of the animation world and the changes that took movies to a new level. You can also touch mysterious props from the film such as Harry’s Nimbus 2000 and the magnificent Hagrid’s motorcycle.
Ticket cost: £85.00/ INR 7,485

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3. Shoreditch Street Art Tours

It is for all the art lovers who are eager to get acquainted with the uniqueHistorical Tours in London, Shoreditch Street Art Tours is one of the most popular art tourism in london Which attracts a large number of tourists every year. You can explore the London street art scene on this tour led by author and photographer David Stewart. The tour has been based in London and has been popular with tourists for 15 years and David Stewart has played an integral role in it. If you are a true artist, you will be inspired by all of London’s art scenes.

4. Tour of London

Are you looking for a fascinating walking tour that takes you back into the history of London? The London Walk is one of London’s most wonderful historical walking tours. London Walks is a mix of 100 walks over a week that will let you explore the history and culture of London. Not only history, but this set of tours also includes food tours and a tour of the center of the City and Westminster to help you discover London’s main attractions, restaurants and cafes. These tours also include the London Law Tour which is a fascinating tour that will take you to the Supreme Court, the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice.

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How to reach London?

You can easily reach London by taking a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport. There are 4 direct flights and many connecting flights from New Delhi. The direct flight takes around 9 to 10 hours and the connecting flight will take 12 hours to reach London.

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London is an iconic capital of England which all avid travelers and history lovers must visit once in their life. Whether you’re visiting London for a week or just two days, you can easily learn about London’s past through these walking tours. These amazing historical tours of London will help you discover all the major historical buildings and you can also learn about the city’s food and art scenes. A series of exciting tours are waiting for you in London and you should not waste any more time. Choose your dates, pack everything you can, take some notes from this list, plan your holidays to London with Tour TravelH otels and head out immediately to become a part of the history of this British city!

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