10 Trails Where You Can Go Hiking In New Zealand

Hiking in New Zealand is one of the most favorite activities not only by tourists but also by the locals. With golden beaches, fragrant forests, vast national parks, Alps in the clouds and vibrant blue lakes, there are myriad hiking options for nature lovers. The scenery in New Zealand is sometimes surreal, just like a picture from a fairy tale, at times, the atmosphere is so overwhelming that it may take you a few minutes to fully absorb it! But somehow, New Zealand’s incredible flora and fauna can only be enjoyed by diving deep into nature.

People often prefer a day hike along the lakeshore, but if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, a day hike in the mountains, or a day hike in a national park might better suit your needs. . So, put on your hiking shoes, grab your bag, splash on a little sunscreen and set out to enjoy the spectacular views! Take a look at some of the best ways to enjoy hiking in New Zealand.

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Hiking in New Zealand: Adventure Trails

Are you looking for some adventure on your trip to New Zealand? These hiking trails inside the forest take you through gorgeous views of mountains and valleys.

1. Abel Tasman Coast Track→ Abel Tasman National Park→ South Island

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One of New Zealand’s best hiking trails, the Abel Tasman Coast Track offers you views of a long horseshoe coastline with some green patches, beautiful golden beaches, exciting cliffs and the most beautiful waters.

Bonus Activities: bird watching, cliff jumping, swimming

2. Tongariro Alpine Crossing→ Tongariro National Park→ North Island

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For those looking for hiking tours in New Zealand, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing route is as good as it will ever get! The barren land with volcanic sites offers a good hiking trail. While the entire route can take up to 7 hours, the views of mountains, volcanoes, and even stretches of grass make it worth it. Be sure to check the weather as this route is best enjoyed on a nice dry day.

Bonus Activities: Enjoy the Emerald Lakes

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3. Buck Taylor Track Loop→ Karekare→ North Island

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For those looking for options for the best day hikes in New Zealand, the Buck Taylor Track Loop is a great option! This is one of the less explored routes, but the views and experience are unparalleled. Black sand dunes, emerald rocks, gorgeous Karekare waterfalls… it’s all definitely worth the trouble!

Bonus Activities: swimming, photography

4. Abbey Caves→ Whangarei→ North Island

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These three places make this route one of the most special hiking experiences. Popular as the best place for hiking in North Island, New Zealand, these caves are great for explorers. Literally the glowing gem of New Zealand, the Abbey Caves are home to glowing insects. With a mystical feel throughout the route, it also includes limestone caves, a beautiful stream and muddy fields!

Bonus Activities: caving

5. Kepler Track→ Fiordland National Park→ South Island

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It would be a sin to go hiking in New Zealand, South Island and not mention the mountains! With peaks above the clouds, climbing at least one of them is a must, especially if you are here for a few days. A wonderful combination of mountains and lakes, this green, blue and brown picture is very hard to resist. Lake Te Anau and Mount Luxmore are the main attractions of this route.

Bonus Activities: Nature and Wildlife Photography

6. Milford Track→ Fiordland National Park→ South Island

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For those looking for the best multi-day hikes in New Zealand, the Milford Track is a clear winner. With winding roads, views of mountains and valleys, lakes and wetlands, and picturesque glaciers and waterfalls, these 4 days in the nature of the country will be the best of your trip!

Bonus Activities: swimming, photography

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7. Mount Sunday → Canterbury → South Island

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A secluded location, Mount Sunday is famous for its beauty and representation of the famous film franchise. Simply put, it is a famous hiking route in New Zealand. The fantasy scene in real life is mesmerizing. If you are a true adventure-seeker, this is the path you should take.

Bonus Activities: swimming, picnic

8. Tuatāpere Hump Ridge Track

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One of New Zealand’s best hiking trails, the Tutaphere Hump Ridge Track is perfect for experienced hikers. Although the entire trek can take up to 3 days, it is the perfect blend of mountains, beaches and forests that makes it so special. Be sure to bring your best lenses, as there is a lot on this route.

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9. Hooker Valley Track, Aoraki National Park

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The Hooker Valley Track is a one-day circular hike in Aoraki National Park that attracts hikers with its ease and surreal scenery. This is a suitable route for beginners as the altitude remains the same throughout the route. The views of snow-capped Mount Cook and rivers flowing through the forests will keep you captivated. It takes only 4 hours to complete. So, you should definitely have it on your list.

Bonus Activities: Picnic at the picturesque Hooker Lake

10. Tiki Trail, Queenstown

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Although you can reach the top of Bob Peak via Gondola, it is suggested that you do the trip on foot if you want to spend some time amidst nature and get a boost of your adrenaline. The short walk takes only an hour but the steep climb makes it a bit challenging. When you reach the top, get a bird’s eye view of Queenstown in all its glory.

So, here are the best walking routes in New Zealand. Although it can be very confusing to choose just one, make sure you choose the one that best suits you! If you are experienced, opt for multi-day hiking, but if it is your first time, it is best to return to the hotel by evening.

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