Hiking In Malaysia: 10 Best Places That’ll Add More Thrill & Adventure To Your Experience

One of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asian countries is Malaysia. And apart from interesting places to visit with your friends or family, hiking in malaysia can be one of the most wonderful activities to do. Hiking is a relaxing activity that energizes you and also includes a lot of fun elements. It tests your patience, energy and thirst to reach higher places. The freedom you experience after reaching your desired destination is truly great. So coming to the options that one can choose for their trip, these are the top 10 places for hiking in malaysia Which you must consider while going there. read on!

10 Best Places for Hiking in Malaysia

Here is a list of 10 best places in Malaysia that are perfect for hiking. Take a look and make your selection so you can enjoy the ultimate thrill and adventure Trekking and Hiking in Malaysia,

1. Mount Lombak

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It is a place with an interesting name and the beautiful hiking will leave you feeling amazing energy with you. It is a hill and you have to walk to the top. This will be one of the most amazing hiking in malaysia Your life experience. The best time to visit this place is between November to March. The lush green environment invites one to experience freshness.

Arrival Time: 3-5 hours round trip

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2. Mountain of God

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This is a step up from the simple trek at the above location. It is said to be the world’s toughest hiking and trekking option. But it can be divided into three shorter treks, one starting from Sungai Relau to Gunung Tahan, the second from Sungai Relau via Gunung Tahanand to Kuala Tahan, while the last trek is from Kuala Taha to Sungai Relau via Gunung Tahan. best time for this malaysia hiking It will happen from June to September. It is required to pay a fee of RM 100 as permit fee.

Arrival Time: Different routes take different times

3. Mount Kinabalu

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If you have to travel on foot, you will have to climb the mountain. Since you will be climbing to the top of a mountain, seeing picturesque and breathtaking views is a must. Another attractive feature is the fact that you will hike up to the highest mountain in the Southeast Asian region. Climbing permits also have to be paid for children and adults. It is a part of the national park so you get a chance to walk in the most lush green environment. You should try to visit between February to April to enjoy malaysia tracking Here.

Arrival Time: 2 days

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4. Bukit Tabur

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Hiking is an activity that should not be limited to only a few specific places. It is something that takes you to the best and unknown places. This place named Bukit Tabur is one of those untouched places in this region. It is located adjacent to the famous National Zoo. An interesting feature of hiking in malaysia That is to hone your rock-climbing skills. There is a permit fee and one must visit between September and February.

Arrival Time: About 3 hours (one way)

5. Broga Hill

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Another name for this place is Bukit Lalang. It is famous for its lush green and long grass growing in abundance. Basically it is a hill situated in Semenyih. This place is located near Kuala Lumpur and takes about 40 minutes to reach. The amazing and refreshing sight that one gets to see is awe-inspiring. The breeze amidst greenery everywhere gives one a chance to freshen up in a beautiful natural setting.

Arrival Time: 30 to 40 minutes (one side)

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6. Cameron Highland Trails

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It is one of the largest hill stations in Malaysia. Amidst the rain forests, the cool but pleasant weather pulls you to complete the journey. It tempts you so much that perhaps even spending the whole day would seem less. An important tip is that it requires only cautious hikers as the area is not so developed for hiking. The early and late months of the year can be the best time to hike there.

Arrival Time: 3 to 4 hours (one side)

7. Penang Hill Top

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This is another tourist attraction. It helps you plan your way through the multiple routes available to reach the final destination. Any time between December to February can be the best time to visit here. It has lots of interesting things to decorate along the way. Amazing food stalls with local cuisine, religious places and many such wonderful places can be seen to help you in your journey. Hence it takes around 4-5 hours to complete the journey and reach the top spot. An interesting feature is the train that goes up the hill.

Arrival Time: 1 to 1.5 hours (one side)

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8. Gunung Gayong

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This amazing hiking experience takes you to a mountain in the Titiwatsa mountain range. This hiking experience can take around 4-5 days to reach the peaks of the mountain range. Therefore it is suggested that only professional hikers should test themselves. The first quarter of the year can be the best time to trek to this place.

Arrival Time: Different routes take different times

9. Jerai Mountains

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Another place for hiking in malaysia Gunung is Jerai. It is one of those mountains that can be visited any time during the year. All that is required to complete the trek is your time, energy and enthusiasm. This is usually a 9-10 hour hiking experience. You can see prehistoric Buddhist and Hindu temples at the foot of this mountain. The only scary thing about this increase are reports of missing people in the past. Therefore, to return safe and happy, one should take a renowned guide or an experienced traveler along.

Arrival Time: 9 to 10 hours

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10. Penang National Park

Sometimes national parks are located at such natural heights that visiting them becomes a trekking or hiking experience. It is located on the northwest coast of Penang Island. There are some other adventure activities to explore as well. There is a time frame within which one should visit this park, i.e. from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. If you want to experience then go here hiking in malaysia,

Arrival Time: 1 to 1.5 hours

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Aren’t these amazing places for hiking in Malaysia? Next time you plan your trip to Malaysia, try to experience the joy and fun of hiking. The energy, fun experiences along the way and the solace of completing the journey brings great satisfaction to one’s soul.

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