8 Best Trails For Hiking In Cambodia To Experience & Enjoy It To the Fullest

Cambodia is known for its vast pristine beaches, scattered islands, magnificent temples and vibrant atmosphere. The area is blessed with many exciting hiking trails surrounded by natural expanses of forests and wildlife, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Therefore, exploring the jungles of Cambodia should be on every traveller’s wish list. This detailed guide will give you all you need to know about the beautiful places that must be explored Hiking in Cambodia,

Best time to plan hiking in Cambodia

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Since hiking is an outdoor activity, climate and weather play an essential role. One must know the best time of year to wear their hiking boots in order to enjoy the best possible hiking experience.

right time: Between the months of November to March, the weather in Cambodia is ideal and hikers from all over the world flock to the trails to witness the natural beauty and cool breezes that surround the trails. Pre-booking hiking trips is recommended to avoid unavailability and high rates, as Cambodia will be completely filled with tourists during this time.

Wrong Time: Temperatures in Cambodia are at their peak in the months of March, April, June and September. Hiking in Cambodia during these months is definitely not recommended as one will continue to become dehydrated and lose stamina.

Rain and Humidity: During the months of June, July and August, the monsoon is at its peak in the region and all the hiking trails along with the surrounding greenery are at one of their best forms. Although the sight surprises many hikers, there is a high amount of humidity in the atmosphere which makes hiking very uncomfortable.

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5 ideal places for hiking in Cambodia

The areas that offer the best hiking experience in Cambodia are listed below.

1. Mondulkiri Province

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Mondulkiri is an eastern province of Cambodia with abundant hiking opportunities. With hills, mountains and dense forests inhabited by the Hill Tribe. This is also the area with the largest population of elephants. Mondulkiri province is truly a hiker’s paradise, with everything available for a thrilling hiking experience.

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2. Siem Reap’s Kulen Mountains

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The Kulen Mountains are located in the northwestern region of Cambodia. Hiking in Cambodia Siem Reap appeals to most hikers as the region has many diverse hiking trails that pass through lush tropical forests, spectacular waterfalls and a variety of rare flora and fauna.

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3.Phnom Penh outskirts

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Popular hiking destinations on the outskirts of Phnom Penh include Koh Dach and Udong, which have numerous hiking trails in diverse tropical settings. Koh Dach can be reached by a quick ferry ride from Phnom Penh and Udong is an hour away from Phnom Penh in a tuk tuk.

4. Cardamom Mountain

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It is the largest rainforest in South-East Asia and is filled with abundant exotic flora and fauna, hidden villages, grasslands and dense forests waiting to be discovered by adventurers.

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5. Ratanakiri Province

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Ratanakiri has the most diverse trails that offer the best hiking experience in Cambodia. The trails here range from advanced to beginner level trails. It has many amazing hiking trails ranging from easy beginner level to difficult advanced level. The province is also famous for housing the largest park in Southeast Asia.

Cambodia’s 8 Best Hiking Routes

Almost all walking tours in Cambodia are organized by local tribesmen as a part of ecotourism campaigns. Following are the 5 best Cambodia hiking trails for a fun thrilling experience.

1. Mondulkiri Project Hiking Trail

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The Mondulkiri Project hike is organized by the Bunong tribals. One day and two day hiking options are available in this area of ​​lush green mountains and landscapes. The hiking trails include waterfalls, rivers, wild animal sightings, swimming holes and exotic birds. The highlight of this hiking adventure is the interaction with rescued elephants in their natural habitat.

Duration: 2 – 4 days
difficulty level:: medium
Cost per person: Rs 5750
Main characteristics: Here elephants can be seen in their natural habitat

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2. Cullen Mountain Trail

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The Kulen Mountain Hiking Trail starts from the pristine countryside of Siem Reap through the forests of the Kulen Mountains, offering the opportunity to explore ancient magnificent pagodas and temples and the carvings of the Linga River.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours
difficulty level:: easy to moderate
Cost per person: 7600 rupees
Main characteristics: The rock carvings on the banks of the Linga River are a beautiful site

tip: It is recommended that visitors book a Kulen Hiking Trail tour by Kulen Nature Trails which is organized by a group of local tribals.

3. Wirachi National Park Hiking Trail

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Stretching from Cambodia to Vietnam, this national park is so widely spread that it has not yet been fully explored. Virachi National Park is a famous place for hiking in Vietnam and Cambodia. Hikers have the opportunity to explore many untouched hiking trails here. The park houses various rare animals including gibbons, elephants, tigers, leopards, sun bears and many other mammals.

Duration: 2 – 8 days
difficulty level:: easy to moderate
Cost per person: Rs 7350

tip: Arrangements for each hike are to be made through the Virachi National Park Ecotourism Information Center located in Banlung.

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4. Pinnacle Hiking Trail

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The Pinnacle Hiking Trail, better known as the Crater Lake Circle Hike in Cambodia, is a hiking trail that explores Yek Laoem Lake and offers all hikers an excellent experience through a dense forest path with views of wooden tribal habitations. Does. This lake was formed by a volcanic eruption before being transformed into a wonderful hiking trail. It is counted among the best Cambodia camping tours.

Duration: 1 Hour
difficulty level:: Very easy
Main characteristics: It is a clear water lake surrounded by natural elements, which offers spectacular views.

tip: Take a swim and have the unforgettable experience of being knee-deep in the clear water Crater Lake. Special permission must be obtained for camping in this area.

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5. Kalai Wilderness Hiking Trail

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Kalai Forest Hike is a fairly easy walk that guides hikers through the Kalai Forest and hunting trail and is the most popular route in Ratnagiri district. It is best for those who do not want to involve themselves in dense jungle trekking but just want the experience of being around tropical nature and want to know the lifestyle of the indigenous people of the region.

Duration: 1 day
difficulty level:: Easy
Cost per person: INR 4000
Main characteristics: The Hunting Path was earlier a popular spot for hunting but as awareness spread about the conservation of natural species, local people have stopped hunting at this spot.

tip: Wear light comfortable clothes that cover shoulders and hands to avoid any insect bites.

6. Walking Tour to the River of a Thousand Lingas

The hike itself is fairly easy, but due to the steep trail being full of twisting roots that create considerable obstacles, the hike is officially rated ‘moderate’ difficulty. Once you reach the top of the forested mountain path after about 1 hour, you will be rewarded by the flowing river of a thousand Lingas. Be prepared to be surprised and excited here, similar to the feeling you get in Asian temples and other sacred grounds. Once you’ve soaked up the entire pristine river, you can relax at the waterfalls and enjoy some lunch before heading back.

7. Cape Mountain

Nestled in the center of the Cape Peninsula is the luscious and densely forested Cape National Park, and with that dense forest also comes great biking and hiking trails! With unique yellow signs pointing the way, you will find yourself walking through dense forest, passing fascinating valleys and breathtaking views along the way. The main attraction of the trek is the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ trail which originates from this route. Head uphill to a huge pagoda, a nunnery and the worthwhile Sunset Rock viewpoint.

8. Kirirom National Park

Known for its unique high-altitude pine forest that forms the headwaters for many of the streams that water Kampong Speu Town, this national park has some really interesting hiking trails. Whether by bike or on foot, you can explore the park’s winding paths, which take you through pine forests until you pass waterfalls and cliffs with amazing views of the Cardamom Mountains. Mount Kirirom is actually known by locals as the ‘Mountain of Happiness’ as the King of Cambodia was aptly named for how the area makes people feel.

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Cambodia is a divine destination perfect for hiking with its tropical green landscape and abundant flora and fauna. Escape to Cambodia with our tailored tour packages and experience the joys of hiking in Cambodia as well as amazing adventures in the dense forests there.

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