Here Are 10 Indisputable Reasons To Visit Maldives In 2021

Far stretched white sandy beaches flanking the turquoise blue Indian Ocean, stilted waterside villas, a romantic candlelit dinner with a glass of champagne at the gazebo on water – Maldives is all about luxury and tryst with nature. Often called as the Manhattan of the Indian Ocean, the metropolis charm of the Hulhule Island is blended perfectly with the tropical charm and that is one of the prevalent reasons to visit Maldives.

Top 10 Reasons To Travel To Maldives

With more than a thousand splendid islands and the 26 coral atolls brimming with marine life, a dive into the unfathomable sea or sprawling across the sun-lounger on the powdery sand, the reasons to visit here are unending; let’s check out the ten below:

1. Relax On The Beaches

Relax on the beaches

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Undoubtedly among the best reasons to visit Maldives will be the laid-back time on the beaches without any trace of littering, but the vast bluish green Indian Ocean kissing the horizon. While mornings with soft sunlight and calmer waves are blissful, the twilight hours with thousand hues of red, orange and purple are magical. Enjoy the sea breeze and the sound of the waves in constant 25-30-degree centigrade temperature. Redefine romance under the gazillion stars.

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2. Swim With The Sharks

Swim with the sharks

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The majestic and enormous whale sharks along with the smaller sized reef sharks lurking peacefully in the coral atolls and also on the surrounding lagoons of the resorts are the popular reasons to travel to Maldives. Although these sharks are endemic throughout the area, Baa and Ari atolls and Maaya Thila are the prospective places to encounter them up close. You can also enjoy watching them coming punctually during their daily feeding time near some resorts.

3. Dive Into The Coral Reef

Dive into the coral reef

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Take a deep water diving session or snorkeling, the underwater marine life including the manta rays, sea turtles and barracuda swimming through the vibrant coral reef are another best-reason to visit Maldives. Make sure you visit Kuda Huraa for its warm water that does not need you to wear a wetsuit. The reef fishes are friendly and hence, it will be a good idea to bring a waterproof camera case or use a waterproof camera.

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4. Enjoy Water Sports

indulge water sports

Among the top 10 reasons to visit the Maldives will be to make the best out of water sports like kayaking, canoeing, sea bobbing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, rollerblading (known as X-Jet Blades) etc. The top resorts often offer instructors to guide you through regardless of what your skill level is. The dolphin and turtle safari boats should also be put on bucket-list. Surfers of all levels would love the sunshine, monsoon wind and the consistent waves of the atolls like Laamu Atoll.

5. Cherish Maldivian Culture

Cherish Maldivian culture

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If you wish to find out the interesting facts about Maldives, make sure to catch sight of Bodu Beru, the popular Maldivian folk dance which is often held during evening on the beach. Capture the moment on camera or try out your legs with the dancers the choice is yours. Riding the Maldivian boat Dhoni can be equally charming to know about the local people and get acquainted with their culture.

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6. Relish The Cuisine

Relish the cuisine

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If you are still asking “why visit the Maldives-”, this one will convince you. One of the reasons to go to the Maldives is to taste the local food like the Maldivian Curry with Tuna by the placid blue lagoon enjoying the intoxicating sea breeze. Gorge on the freshly caught and prepared seafood like Garudhiya that is a fish soup accompanied by lime, chili, rice, curry leaves, onions and a coconut. The Mashumi Roshi Tuna and Chapati as well as the Hedhika Tuna, egg, potato and coconut are also worth trying along with the street food Mas Kashi dried fish with mango and coconut.

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7. Get Spa Therapy

Get Spa Therapy

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When you ask what is the Maldives known for-, spa therapies will surely be listed. If massages inside seaside cabanas are too mainstream for you, make sure to pay a visit to the underwater Huvafen Fushi. While being pampered and rejuvenated by the reiki of the masseuse, your eyes will be glued to the panoramic view of the marine life in the house reef of the resort. You can also check out the Kuda Huraa for its transparent floor panels of the treatment rooms showing the marine life while you get a foot massage or full-body healing treatment and sipping ginger tea.

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8. Watch Bioluminescent Water Under The Stars

Watch Bioluminescent Water Under The Stars

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When you ask What is so great about the Maldives-, make sure you check out the Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll where you will see stars getting envious of the playful Sea of stars of the Indian Ocean! The phytoplankton dinoflagellates emitting the luminescent toxins with the movement of the waves are actually their defense mechanism to keep away fish and other creatures. Although not so scientifically friendly, you can obviously walk through them, creating more luminescence a memory created for a lifetime.

9. Visit The Architectural Heritages

Visit the Architectural Heritages

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Dominating the skyline of Male, the Grand Friday Mosque at the Islamic Centre with its glistening golden dome, Arabic calligraphy and wood carvings on the walls and the library is the largest in Maldives. To view the ornate chandeliers, intricately wooden carpet and the carved wooden door and side panels is amongst another important reasons as to why one should visit Maldives. Visit during 2 PM to 3 PM to explore without any crowd bustling inside. The Meedhoo Friday Mosque, Ihavandhoo Friday Mosque, Male Eid Mosque, Isdhoo Old Mosque and Fenfushi Friday Mosque are the other spectacular examples of coral stone work. Not to forget the Hukuru Miskiiy famous for its carved coral-stone work, wood carvings and lacquer work.

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10. Explore Male And suburbs

Explore Male and suburbs

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While many will love the idea of a laid-back island charm, you will hear many saying, I want to go to Maldives because Male and its suburbs bear the purest essence of Maldivian lifestyle. Visit the prison and royal bath at Villingili or go to Hulhumale to swim with the fishes through the coral atolls. You can also rent a scooty to ride through the less-explored nooks and corners of Male.

The bustling fruit and fish market in Male can give you an opportunity to shop for fresh fish and fruits. If you visit during the morning, the fishermen coming with their catch can be seen. Explore the oldest industry of Maldives fishing or spend some money in buying papaya, mango, coconut, watermelon, dried fish etc.

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Beaches are, without a doubt, the best places to let your hair down and unwind. But there is something different when it comes to Maldives. Be it sipping drinks with your partner under the stars or dipping your feet in the bioluminescent water –the reasons to visit Maldives are many. Plan your trip to Maldives and experience all these for yourself!



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