5 Haunted Places In Nepal: A Glimpse Of The Blood-Curdling Side Of The Country!

All houses are haunted, all people are haunted, and spirits follow us everywhere. Do you relate to this quote? Have you ever had the experience that you had insomnia for days and still loved watching horror movies? If yes, pack your bags and head to the famous haunted places in nepal, As surprising as it may be in Nepal, there are many places in the land of temples that have been declared off limits by the locals. Be it the story of the massacre of the royal family or the story behind the spirit of mountaineer Andrew Irwin, this country will seriously thrill you and while exploring haunted places you may see its mysterious side or meet a real spirit. Can. Say your prayers, cross your fingers and head to Nepal for your next thrilling night expeditions.

Top 5 most haunted places in Nepal

Here is the list of most haunted places in Nepal that will stay in your mind for a long time and will definitely scare you even in your dreams. Keep scrolling down!

1. Raniban: Huge old tree

Let’s start our gut-churning list haunted places in nepal With stunning Raniban located in Achham district of Nepal. There was a time when this place was visited to witness the spectacular sunrise and sunset, but now it has become a place where people are afraid to even go. Locals have heard the sounds of a woman crying and some have also felt that an evil but powerful spirit is trying to join them. Ask the locals and they’ll tell you the story of a woman who was raped and murdered at this very spot. Call it the justice of nature or the woman’s soul, but the despicable man who committed the heinous act was found hanging from a tree. To this day, local people are afraid to even go near this tree because they believe that it is haunted. Want to see deadly sunrises and sunsets now?

Place: Achham District, Nepal

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2. Dhapsi: Spooky Water Tank

Image Courtesy: NepalFacts

Next in the list of haunted places in nepal There is a water tank in Dhapsi, Basundhara. Local people have reported that they have seen the spirit of a man near the water tank and hence no one dares to go to Dhapsi. It is said that spirits always live around water bodies and perhaps this is true in the case of Jalkund too. Are you ready to encounter the Water Tank Spirit?

Place: Dhapasi, Basundhara

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3. Devghat: Mysterious Goddesses of Chitwan!

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one more of scary place of nepal A religious Hindu site which is now a place where paranormal activities take place. Police found the skeleton of a woman on the spot and since then locals have reported seeing four women dancing at night in Devghat, which is pretty scary if you think about it. No one dares to visit this place and it is one of the most popular haunted places in Nepal. Want to dance with the unknown?

Place: Devghat, Chitwan

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4. Mount Everest: Ghost of the Climber

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Even the highest mountain in the world is haunted and hence the doubters who believe that supernatural is just a word should visit Mount Everest and feel its existence in our world. Many climbers have reported seeing the spirit of Andrew Irwin who died while climbing Everest. Although the spirit does not harm anyone but having the spirit with you during the journey is definitely soul chilling. Want to climb with the spirit of a dead climber?

Place: Nepal

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5. The Royal Palace: A Horrific Story of a Royal Prince

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The last palace on our list is the palace where the mysterious massacre of the royal family took place. The horrifying story of Nepal’s beloved prince shooting his father and 7 other members dead while he was drunk, or so it is said. This terrible incident took place in the ancient Narayanhiti Royal Palace which is considered one of the haunted places in nepal, An iconic tourist destination, the Royal Palace is still haunted, and many tourists agree. Although many religious rituals were performed the locals still hear the sounds of gunshots, people crying and screaming in the Royal Palace. Are you ready to meet the Prince of the Royal Palace and ask him why he killed his family?

Place: Narayanhiti Palace Museum North Gate Road, Kathmandu

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