11 Extremely Haunted Places In Alaska You Won’t Dare To Visit

Alaska is a paradise for both nature and winter sports lovers. While there are plenty of places to experience awe-inspiring heavenly natural views, there are also plenty of places in Alaska where you can go to have some exciting experiences. Among the many unique things you can find in this place, one of the things that surprised us is the old buildings or villas that are surrounded by unusual paranormal activities. This article describes the top haunted places in alaska In detail.

11 haunted places in alaska

So here is a list of 11 haunted places in Alaska that will definitely send some chills down your spine. Check these out:

1. Silverbow Inn Bed & Breakfast

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The place is known for the bakery that was founded in 1898 by Gus Messerschmidt. It is also the oldest bakery in Alaska. The shop owner died in 1938. Silverbow Inn Bed and Breakfast is famous for its fine bakery items and attracts a lot of customers. People claim to see the dead owner when they come here early in the morning.

Place: Juno

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2. Hotel Captain Cook

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This is a very famous place in Alaska where people claim to experience paranormal activities. The staff and management people of this hotel claim that they have seen a woman wandering around the toilet of the hotel. They have also experienced opening and closing doors and turning lights on and off. According to the local people, the woman is tied to this place and cannot escape from it. Thus, some unusual presence can be felt here.

Place: anchorage

3. White House Bed and Breakfast

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This place was built in the year 1902. Over time it served many purposes. Initially it was a hospital, then it became a daycare centre. After some time it was converted into a hotel. In the year 1980, there was extensive damage caused by a fire at this place. After a few years it regained its glory. Some people have claimed to see a woman who does nothing except stand in one place and look over your shoulder. Local people say that perhaps she was once the owner of this place, when this villa used to be a daycare centre.

Place: Skagway

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4. Golden North Hotel

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People say that this place is haunted by a woman whose presence can be felt in and around the building. Staff members claim that she is tied up in room number 23 on the third floor. It is said that once she had gone there with her husband. After this he set out on a gold expedition. Meanwhile this woman developed pneumonia and unfortunately she died. There was no one to help him. The local people here claim that they have heard choking voices and sometimes even an unknown figure.

Place: Skagway

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5. Tonsina River Lodge

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Local people say that they have seen some unknown incidents happening in Tonsina River Lodge, which cannot be explained. People say that they have seen some strange unknown things and cannot describe what they saw. Apart from this, he has also heard some unknown sounds which were not normal. Visit Tonsina River Lodge only if you have the courage.

Place: copper center

6. Gakona Lodge and Trading Post

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The Gakona Lodge and Trading Post is the oldest roadhouse in operation in the entire state. Many guests come and stay here every day. He claims he heard footsteps, doesn’t know where they are coming from. Sometimes he also felt as if someone was smoking tobacco. However when they checked there was no one smoking. This is a very old guest house and such stories are common about this place.

Place: gkona

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7. Motherlodge Lodge

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In earlier times, guests used to come and stay in this lodge at this place. It was a type of accommodation for those who did not have regular residence at this place. Hence, some of the many guests who have come and stayed here claim that they have felt the presence of some unknown and unexplained things. They have also heard sounds of doors banging and curtains opening and closing at night. They experience some strange events. However recently this place was destroyed due to a fire in 2015.

Place: juggler

8. Westmark Fairbanks Hotel

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This place is a hotel where guests usually come and stay. Some guests who have stayed here in the past have claimed to have seen an unusual ghost-like figure. According to locals, this image looks like a giant man who usually spends the night in room number 277. The guests staying here claim that they have seen things like doors opening and closing.

Place: fairbanks

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9. Hilton Anchorage Hotel

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Hilton Anchorage Hotel is a very famous place in the United States. The guests claim to have seen several unusual figures, not knowing whether they were humans or ghosts. He claims that he has heard strange sounds of unknown things. The second floor is considered more unusual than the rest. Sounds of doors opening and closing and chattering can be heard. Too. The sound of unknown footsteps can also be heard.

Place: anchorage

10. Van Gilder Hotel

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This place was built in 1916. This is a very old hotel. Some people local to this place claim to have seen a woman, but they do not know who she was. People say that she once lived here. She was about fifty years old and her presence is sometimes felt. The Van Gilder Hotel is visited by tourists throughout the year who make the same claim.

Place: Seward

11. Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites

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According to the local people, people working in and around this place claim that they have seen unusual figures roaming in the building. New reports have highlighted a man who is usually seen getting into an elevator or walking across the floor and suddenly vanishes into thin air. There are a lot of myths about Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites.

Place: anchorage

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Alaska is a land of both paradise and adventure. The picturesque view you will see here will make you feel the presence of God all around you. But along with this, there are also some things which seem incomprehensible to the tourists coming here, which have been named as paranormal activities. Make sure you plan a trip to Alaska soon so that you can stop at these haunted places in Alaska.

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FAQs About Haunted Places in Alaska

Which haunted places in Alaska can be visited to experience paranormal activities?

There are many haunted places in Alaska where you can feel the chill of horror. Here is the list of top haunted places:
1. Begich Towers
2. Motherlode Lodge
3. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
4. Old Jessie Leehome for Kids
5. Badar Road
6. Red Onion Salon
7. Wendy Williamson Auditorium at the University of Alaska
8. Nightmute High School

What is the scary story behind Hotel Captain Cook?

According to local people, a woman had committed suicide in a toilet of the hotel in the 1970s. After this incident, a female spirit wearing a white dress has been seen.

What are the haunted activities that can be experienced at the Old Jessie Lee Home for Children?

Many children were killed due to an earthquake in 1964 and since then locals have seen shadowy figures. Additionally, the sound of children’s laughter has also been heard, making it one of the top haunted places in Alaska.

What are the most haunted hotels in Alaska?

Among many, these are Alaska’s famous haunted hotels:
1. Van Gilder Hotel
2. Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites
3. Westmark Fairbanks Hotel & Conference Center
4. Hotel Captain Cook
5. Golden North Hotel
6. Tonsina River Lodge

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