Have The Best Nightlife In The World’s Most Favourite City At These 7 Places

If you want to get a taste of one of the most amazing nightlife in the world, you should head to Hamburg! Yes, you heard it right! This city has been voted number one for how lively it is at night, which is one of the major reasons why it attracts many tourists every year. Hamburg nightlife offers not only thriving clubs and bars But there are also prestigious theaters and restaurants that have been delighting locals as well as tourists since ancient times. Whether you are a party fanatic or a fan of creativity or someone who loves a fancy dinner at a grand restaurant, there is something for you all!

And the place that brings it all to light is the most famous street, the Reeperbahn, which is also known as Hamburg’s red light district. If you’re missing this on your Hamburg holidays you’re missing the heart of the city! Keep this Hamburg nightlife guide handy for the best experience.

Top 7 Hamburg Nightlife Experiences

Here is a list of the top places that offer the best Hamburg nightlife as always chosen by locals and tourists! To keep an eye!

  • great freedom 36
  • Rote Flora
  • privilege
  • heart and soul
  • ganjeviertel
  • docs
  • karovirtel

1. Great Freedom 36

great grace 36

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This is the most popular place to experience the best of Hamburg’s nightlife. If you go and ask anyone about the best place to spend an amazing night in Hamburg, you will most likely be told about Grosse Freiheit 36. Located in the most lively street Reeperbanen, it is a live music venue that attracts many people every night. Plus, the Beatles performed here!

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2. Rote Flora

Rote Flora

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This theater is home to all types of artistic catalogue. So, if you are someone who is interested in witnessing some serious and important things happening at night, then this place is for you. It has been home to encroachers for a very long time. Take your artist gang here, hit the clubs, make new friends, create some art and have a funky night!

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3. Privilege

privilege club

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Those looking for the most sophisticated and high-class experiences should head to The Privilege. It is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the city. It is located in the basement of the Hyatt Hotel and offers a top night life experience! Enjoy the vibe of this place, enjoy drinks and have a memorable night here. This is one of the best places for exciting Hamburg nightlife.

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4. Heart and soul

heart and soul

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Start the night off right! It is a perfect combination of a grand restaurant, bar and club. While you will be amazed by the impeccable interior of the venue designed by Jordan Moser, the extraordinary food will satisfy your hunger for exotic food! After tasting the dishes and enjoying the specialty cocktails, you can head to the dance floor for some more fun. This is one of the best Hamburg nightlife areas to visit with your family or partner.

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5. Ganzeviertel

Ganzeviertel Street

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If you are one of those nocturnal beings whose crazy mind works at night to create something that defies the senses of beauty and understanding, then this is the place for you. It has been a favorite place for all those artists and art lovers since ancient times. By day the Ganzeviertel is just a group of buildings breathing artist studios and cafés. But at night this place turns into a magical world of artists! The Ganzeviertel was even honored as a UNESCO heritage site!

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6. dock


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Do you want to know why it was called the best club in the world by The Metallica? Well, Docs was a popular movie theater a long time ago. Later it turned into a club that could accommodate more than 1500 music lovers. The DJ here plays all kinds of favorite music and has seen live concerts from David Bowie and others. And the biggest reason why you can’t miss the Docks is the fact that it’s the center of the most famous Reeperbanen festival!

7. Caroweartel


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Carroviertel is a street famous for trendy cafes and cocktail bars. If you are visiting Hamburg with your family or partner and you want to avoid loud music and crowds, come here for a slow and easy way to spend the night! This is another good Hamburg nightlife area.

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In addition to all this you will find many go-go bars, strip clubs and much more in Davidstrasse and Herbertstrasse for those looking for such entertainment. Hamburg has everything you want. While enjoying Hamburg nightlife, prices are something that may bother you so plan accordingly. And don’t worry about security because this is the safest place for police station. But beware of pickpockets!

And now you know that you can’t get away from Hamburg without stopping by its famous streets. So, plan a trip to Germany and visit Hamburg for the most spectacular and memorable nights of your life!

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