10 Hambantota Restaurants That Are A Food Lover’s Paradise

The island nation of Sri Lanka has recently emerged as a rapidly growing Asian tourist destination. Those of you who are planning a trip to Sri Lanka should not overlook Hambantota, a relatively unknown destination located in the southern province of the country. The city reflects the true Sri Lankan spirit. Being the second major urban center of the country after the capital Colombo, Hambantota city always attracts Sri Lankan tourists, especially sports lovers. The region is also historically important due to the presence of several ancient kingdoms. There is also a good news for food lovers. Read on to see the top rated Hambantota Restaurant ,

10 Best Hambantota Restaurants

Since Hambantota has been welcoming a large number of tourists every day, many popular restaurants operate in the area. We have shortlisted 10 best Hambantota restaurants:

1. Bojunhala

Balinese Mata Sambal

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Bojunhala is a popular restaurant in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. It welcomes a large group of local and international tourists. Apart from providing outdoor seating options, this restaurant also facilitates pre-reservation. Its buffet is a reasonably affordable option. Since this restaurant offers ample parking area and also ensures wheelchair accessibility, it is considered suitable for all types of guests. The restaurant also operates a full bar and serves the best of liquor. Being the restaurant best suited for a family meal, this restaurant is known for its kid-friendly options.

Must try: Pol Sambol, Breakfast
Place: Chitragala, Ambalantota, Hambantota, Tangalle 82000, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Intercontinental, Asian, Sri Lankan, Vegetarian-Friendly and Gluten-Free
Google Rating: 4.5/5

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2. Ulpatha


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One of the most popular Sri Lankan restaurants, Ulpatha remains the first priority for diners looking to taste the best food and wine in one go. Its name refers to the Ulpatha Watering Hole, a colonial heritage of the country. Couples enjoy a fine dining experience here. It has already become the best choice of eatery for people who want to enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Must try: Malt Whiskey, Beverages, Breakfast, Dinner
Place: Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort & Spa, Tangalle 82000, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Bar, Pub, European, Vegetarian-Friendly
Cost for two: INR 1410/-
Google Rating: 4.5/5

3. Sera


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Sera Restaurant in Hambantota, Sri Lanka offers you the finest Asian cuisine. You enjoy the aroma of food as the finest versions of South Asian street style foods can be eaten here. These are cooked through the use of local ingredients as well as authentic, aromatic spices and herbs. A large number of people visit this restaurant to enjoy freshly prepared dishes. It also has a full bar that serves a variety of liquors and wines.

Must try: sea ​​food
Place: Chitragala, Ambalantota, Hambantota, Tangalle 82000, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Asian, Indonesian, Thai, Vegetarian-Friendly
Cost for two: INR 1600/-
Google Rating: 4.5/5

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4. Jade Green Restaurant

Jade Green Restaurant

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Tourists and locals dining in large families and groups find Jade Green Restaurant the perfect place to have a great dining experience in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The restaurant also allows diners to go for a pre-reservation option and customize dining plans. This is the best place for families.

Must try: lunch special
Place: Tissa Road, Hambantota, Tangalle 82000, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Sri Lankan, Intercontinental, Asian, Vegetarian-Friendly
Cost for two: INR 20,88/-
Google Rating: 3.8/5

5. Spirit Resort

Ruhunu Resort

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Often, it becomes difficult to find food of your choice in foreign countries. Sri Lanka’s popular Ruhunu Resort brings you a good variety of food items. It prepares dishes from Italian and Chinese cuisine in addition to local Sri Lankan, Asian and intercontinental authentic foods. The taste buds really enjoy the best of Chinese cuisine here. This restaurant is popular in the area for featuring affordable fine dining options.

Place: Thissamaharama Road, Hambantota, Tangalle 82100, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Italian, Chinese, Seafood, Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for two: INR 150/-
Google Rating: 4.⅖

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6. Gymnasium


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Primarily a popular bar cum pub in the Hambantota Golf Resort, Gimanhala offers ample variety of cuisines along with wines and cocktails. This bar is famous for serving freshly prepared healthy drinks to the guests, who usually include tourists and locals. It is known to serve the best champagne at sunset. Its candlelight nightcap dinners are also famous.

Must try: Wine
Place: Sitrakala Vatta, Ambalantota, Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa, Hambantota, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
Cooking: bar, pub
Cost for two: INR 705/-
Google Rating: 3.8/5

7. Nonagama Village Restaurant

Nonagama Village Restaurant

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Your trip to Hambantota in Sri Lanka would be incomplete without enjoying the aromatic dishes of the rustic-style Nonagama Village Restaurant. It is a popular eatery where tourists and locals alike seek to enjoy the best of intercontinental cuisine, especially Sri Lankan, Italian and Chinese cuisine. This restaurant is always crowded with people who want to enjoy fast food and Italian sweets.

Must try: Burger
Place: Ekkasa, Ambalantota, Hambantota, Tangalle 82100, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Italian, Chinese, Fast Food, Asian, Pub, Sri Lankan
Cost for two: INR 300/-
Google Rating: 4.5/5

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8. Alter Face Restaurant

Alternative Face Restaurant

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A large section of tourists also look for Arabic, Italian and Chinese food while visiting Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Saltern Face restaurant located in Hambantota serves a variety of Italian, Chinese and South-Western cuisine. Offering a good variety of Arabic cuisine, this Sri Lankan restaurant is known for preparing many Asian dishes that are enjoyed by tourists and locals.

Must try: Pizza
Place: 126/5/1, 3rd Mile Post, Tissamaharama Road, Maurapura, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Italian, Chinese, Southwestern, Asian, Sri Lankan, Arabic
Cost for two: INR 835/-
Google Rating: 3/5

9. Paella Restaurant

by restaurant

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Paella Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Hambantota, Sri Lanka which is visited by tourists and locals throughout the year. Its cool and calm atmosphere and the wonderful aroma of the dishes prepared attracts the attention of every taste bud. The restaurant is equally famous for using fresh local ingredients, especially spices and herbs, to maintain the authenticity of the dishes cooked and served to its guests. This restaurant is a must-visit place for travelers visiting Hambantota who are eager to taste a variety of food.

Place: Hambantota Road, Hambantota, Tangalle 82000, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for two: INR 900/-
Google Rating: 4.⅖

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10. Ranamihitanna Reception Hall

Ranamihitanna Reception Hall

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Ranamihitanna Reception Hall is known for offering a variety of cuisines that it prepares for the visiting travelers. It mainly caters to corporate catering needs. This reception hall serves the most delicious intercontinental dishes of Indian, Sri Lankan and Asian cuisine. Diners have a great time having lunch and dinner in this welcoming restaurant. The experience of eating here is memorable.

Must try: Buffet, Red Rice, Vegetable Noodles, Chilli Chicken, Fish Curry, Papadum, Ice Cream and Caramel Pudding
Place: Jullapalama, Tissamaharama, Hambantota, Tangalle 00100, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Italian, Chinese, Indian, European, Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for two: INR 850/-
Google Rating: 4.⅖

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Sri Lanka’s restaurant landscape has changed significantly over the last five years. With new restaurants opening every other day in Hambantota, it’s hard to figure out where to eat. We have compiled a list of top 10 Hambantota restaurants so that you don’t have to spend even a minute wondering where you should go or what you should eat. Make sure to book a trip to Sri Lanka immediately to taste these culinary delights.

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