Are You A Night Person? Then You Would Love The Nightlife Of Greenland

It is unrealistic to expect a New York or Ibiza-like party atmosphere in Greenland. However, Greenlanders gather in the summer and party hard as the sun rises and celebrate their national day. Since most of the population is settled in the capital Nuuk, Greenland’s nightlife is mainly centered around this area. Planning to visit Greenland this summer? Get a break from the strenuous hiking and kayaking and be a part of the country’s party circuit. This column covers everything one needs to know about greenland nightlife,

4 places to enjoy Greenland nightlife

Greenland is also famous for sweet pastries and cakes which are regularly consumed with a cup of Greenlandic coffee. You can try these at the following locations:

1. Godthabe Brewery

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Godthaab Brighus, known as the country’s oldest brewery, was founded in Greenland in the early 2000s. This largest brewpub in Nuuk is known for its famous Baja and Pullarkat beers and offers the best nightlife in Greenland. The brewpub is a modern establishment with light music in the background and is suitable for families. The pub serves some rare meat dishes such as caribou and crocodile meat. The pub also produces some special beers which last only a few days during the summer months.

Place: 30 Water, New York 3900, Greenland.
Cost for two: 3100 rupees

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2. Manhattan Nightclub

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Nightlife in Nuuk, Greenland starts around midnight, especially at the country’s busiest club, Manhattan Nightclub. The nightclub has a large dance floor and two cocktail bars. Professional bartenders work on the premises and some of the country’s best DJs perform at summer circuit parties. All the latest international and local numbers are played at the club, where one can find themselves grooving to the music on a packed dance floor.

Place: Imanac 30, New York, NY
Cost for two: INR 2000
open to: 3:00

3. Dad’s

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One of the best places to visit with friends in Nuuk is Daddy’s. It is known for its excellent beer range and pool tables. The atmosphere of this place is very rustic with dart boards hanging on the walls and loud music. The cocktails at this Greenland nightclub are quite famous and the place is cheaper than other famous nightclubs in Nuuk. The bar serves typical pub food with lots of potatoes and heavy cuts of meat.

Place: 282 Samuel Kleinschmidt Avenue, 3900 New York

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4. Skyline Bar

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The Skyline Bar has one of the coolest nightlife spots in Nuuk, Greenland. The ambiance of the bar is colorfully filled with neon lights on a mirrored background. The bar plays the best music and even has a live piano performance every night. It is located in the Swan Edge Hotel and follows a strict dress code of smart casual. The food at this bar is pleasing and worth the money. The various cocktail mixes offered by the bar are also worth trying.

Place: Akkusinersuaq 4, Nuuk 3900, Greenland.
open to: from 17:00 to 12:00

Other night-time experiences in Greenland

1. Northern Lights

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Greenland is known for the mesmerizing northern lights that appear in its deep blue skies during winter. These lights appear in September and remain lit till April. In winter, sheets of snow reflect the moonlight and illuminate the surrounding environment, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of nature all night long. Who said the best nightlife in Greenland was limited to crowded bars? Many locals and tourists can be seen enjoying their night under the clear sky watching the Northern Lights dance and create artistic streaks in the sky.

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2. Midnight Sun

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One of the most sensational experiences staying in Greenland is the concept of the Midnight Sun. Once the sun rises in summer, it remains so until autumn arrives. This leads to a unique phenomenon where one can enjoy the sunshine even when the clock strikes 12 at night. People can be seen sunbathing and enjoying outdoors with families even at midnight. This is an unusual nightlife experience that one can only experience in Greenland.

3. Ilulissat Iceberg

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Are you looking for some adventurous activities to do at night? Skip the Greenland nightclubs and go on a summer midnight trip. Ilulissat is a remarkable site known for its huge monolithic icebergs. During the summer season, one can go sailing in the glacial waters and see attractive icebergs and ice caps floating around due to partial melting. Midnight cruises are arranged for tourists in this season, where one can also encounter various species of whales and other mammals such as walruses and polar bears. The sun’s rays reflect on the ice stones and leave a blue hue in the surrounding environment which is worth seeing.

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4. Dog-sledding

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Nightlife in Greenland is not limited to pubs and restaurants as most people go out at night to enjoy what nature has to offer. Dog-sledding is a unique experience that will definitely give one a lot of memories to take back home. Technically, since driving a pack of wild dogs requires skill and experience, it is best left to the locals who know every corner of the snowy desert. Since there is a lack of road connectivity between Greenland’s towns and villages, locals rely on dog-sledding as their most reliable means of transportation. Make sure to make friends with one of the locals and convince them to take a night ride under the magical lights and make memories to last a lifetime.

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Food and drink in Greenland

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Due to its location in the far north of the world map, Greenland has been a victim of isolation when it comes to trade or exports and imports. The concept of alcohol came to the country in the late 1900s, with consumption levels increasing every year. Greenland has since begun producing its own brews and today the country is famous for its beer. The country has also recently obtained a license to export its craft beers and they can now be found in many supermarkets throughout Europe. Due to limited vegetation availability in the country, consumption of rare meat like crocodile, caribou, whale etc. has increased.

How to reach Greenland?

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In Greenland there are only two ways in and out of the country. It has 5 major airports which operate international flights twice every day. Air Greenland and Air Iceland are the two major airlines entering the country. One can reach Denmark, Iceland or Canada from any part of the world and then take connecting Air Greenland or Air Iceland flights to reach Greenland. Another option is to go on a cruise from North America or Europe and cross the Arctic and Atlantic oceans to reach Greenland.

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Greenland’s nightlife may not be what one imagined, but it is certainly an experience worth experiencing. Are you tired of the overflowing crowds of a nightclub back home? Head to Greenland to enjoy unusual experiences. Plan your trip to Greenland with TourTravelHotels and enjoy the beautiful nightlife of the Scandinavian country.

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