Visit Greece In July For The Best Summer Vacation Ever

Greece is one of the most dreamy destinations in the world that you must visit at least once in your life! Being the land of perfect combination of black sand and white houses, It will definitely blow your mind. While every time of the year in Greece will offer you something, Greece in July will add something ‘extra’ to your ‘normal’ holidays. So, are you ready to double the fun of your holidays? If so, let us help you with the little details that will lead you across the country in the most amazing way!

Weather in Greece in July

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Are you wondering how hot is Greece in July? Well, let us tell you that it is very hot in Greece this month. But this is not a problem. The weather is perfect to lift your spirits! The average temperature in Greece in July is 27 degrees Celsius. You will find sunny days in Greece in the month of July, making it the best time to visit! Greece weather in July 2023 It’s the perfect time to enjoy the summer season like never before.

3 Best Places to Visit in Greece in July

Greece is full of beautiful places that you will not be able to enjoy the place without seeing. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Greece in July 2023 to make your holiday the most memorable ever! To keep an eye!

1. Paros

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Beaches are the best part of summer, you can spend summer sunbathing on the beaches. Offering pristine beaches, the island of Paros is one of the favorite destinations for locals as well as tourists. Furthermore, the island is home to some of the best restaurants that offer delicious seafood that will satisfy your hunger!

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2. Athens

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Wondering where to go in Greece in July? Grab your hat, tighten your laces and get ready to tour Athens, one of the most fascinating places in the world! Home to ancient ruins that will send chills down your spine, this is a place you can’t miss! Click sun-kissed pictures, share them on Instagram and make people jealous!

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When planning a trip to Greece, Antalya cannot be missed from your mind. Known for its breathtaking white landscapes that will make your heart skip a beat, Antalya is a great place to visit in July. It will completely refresh your mind and soul so make sure you include it in your itinerary!

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3 Best Things to Do in Greece in July

Are you going on holiday to Greece? There are lots of things you can do to make your time in Greece worthwhile. Here is a list of the best experiences for a heart-warming holiday in Greece in July. To keep an eye!

1. swimming

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Summers can leave you parched and so what could be better than cooling off at any of the water bodies in the country, where there is plenty of it! Take a swim in Lake Vouliagmeni and refresh your body and soul like never before!

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2. Hiking

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If you are one of those people who are looking for a lot of adventure during their holidays, then, here is the best thing for you! Hike in the Samaria Gorge National Park, considered the best place in Greece for a stunning experience. Find yourself surrounded by white mountains and spectacular views. Interesting, isn’t it?

3. Enjoying Greek cuisine

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Greece is full of seaside cafes and restaurants that will not only offer you delicious cuisine but also a relaxing atmosphere and soul-soothing views! It is believed that seafood becomes even more delicious during the summer months, so pick up a bite or two to tantalise your taste buds!

4. Participating in festivals

Greece in July is an exciting time. There is a lot happening on the island. Join the festivals on the island to get closer to the culture and tradition of this place. Here are some events you should mark on your calendar.

Hippocrates Festival, Kos: A cultural event in Keio that takes place throughout the summer, the Hippocratia Festival is a paradise for art fanatics and music lovers. You will also get to see some old and strange traditions here which will thrill you.

Hydra Puppet Festival: As the name suggests, this festival is dedicated to the love for puppet shows. Watch several puppeteers perform an interesting and lively puppy show.

Philippi Festival, Kavala: You have to attend as it is the second oldest festival in Greece and is held in the ancient theater of Philippi. It features drama, music, dance and more.

Sani Festival, Halkidiki: It is a month-long festival in Greece that celebrates theatre, cinema and music. The festival has been celebrated at The Sani Resort, Kassandra on the island of Halkidiki for three decades.

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Tips for traveling to Greece in July

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1. July is a hot month so don’t forget to carry a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with you.
2. Carry extra clothes with you for any emergency.
3. Don’t forget your camera to capture beautiful moments.
4. To avoid dehydration, keep drinking as much water as possible.
5. This month is full of many events and festivals that you can attend to know the culture better.
6. It’s usually crowded this time of year, so try to book everything in advance.

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Now, you know how to start your Greece vacation in July 2023. The experiences are many, we have only given you the gist, you can still explore a lot of hidden treasures in the country. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Greece now and wow the world with the most Instagrammable photos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best time to visit Santorin Greece?

A: The best time to visit Sardinia Greece is from late April to early November when the weather is warm and pleasant. This is the time when people are most lively and enjoy nightlife, swimming and other cultural activities on the island.

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