Goa’s Waterfalls and Surrounding Areas To Be Developed Into

Goa’s Waterfalls and Surrounding Areas To Be Developed Into

The government of Goa has announced plans to turn the waterfalls and surrounding areas into tourist attractions. Some part of mesmerizing western ghats falls under goa due to which goa has seasonal rains and natural beauty.

The state of Goa has been home to some of India’s most breathtaking natural landscapes for centuries. With its beaches, mountains, and waterfalls, it is a destination for tourists from all around the world where certain rivers and waterfalls look at their best during the peak season.


Promotion of these waterfalls and surroundings as proper tourism destinations means these waterfalls will be having proper infrastructure to accommodate heavy tourist traffic with which government can avoid overcrowding at any destination during peak season which leads to pollution. Developing the infrastructure around such places will help in overcoming such issues as pollution and overcrowding which is beyond its natural capacity. A nominal fee will be charged for people visiting such waterfalls and the revenue generated by the fees will be further used to maintain the infrastructure, as stated by the government.


There will be registration counters, guides, bio-toilets, and beautiful picnic spots near these waterfalls said the Forest Minister, Vishwajit Rane.

Waterfalls in Goa are becoming increasingly popular with tourists, and some of the more popular locations are being turned into tourist attractions. This is great news for the region and travelers. One of the finest examples of mesmerizing waterfalls in Goa is the world-renowned Dudhsagar waterfall along with Harvalem waterfall, Tambdi Surla Falls, Kesarval Falls, and Netravali Falls to name a few.

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