Take Your Pick: 3 Exclusive Glamping Resorts To Enjoy A Blissful Stay Under The Stars In Ubud

Does it sound exciting to spend a night under the stars amidst nature without giving up luxury? If yes, then glamping is something every avid traveler must experience once in their lifetime.

And when it comes to glamorous camping, Ubud tops the list with its luxurious glamping resorts that offer the best stay in the lap of nature. Read on to learn more about Ubud Tropical Glamping and various Glamping Sites in Ubud,

3 exotic resorts to experience the glam in Ubud, Bali

Apart from exploring its natural beauty, experience a luxurious stay under the stars at these best resorts glamping in ubud, Take a look at all this splendor Glamping Tents in Ubud It will blow your mind and compel you to book your holidays to Bali immediately!

1. Enjoy amid rice fields in a Sandat glamping tent

Saadat Glamping Resort

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The best glamping resort in Ubud, with green rice fields in the background and peace in the air, Sandat Glamping Resort in Ubud Sure to create a unique experience that can’t be missed. Staying at Sandat helps one connect with the natural environment integrated with luxury.

Each of these is accommodated by 8 luxurious eco-design structures designed with a touch of Italian design Sandat Glamping Tent It features intricate details that let travelers enjoy the vibrancy of Bali in the most spectacular way. Adorned with white shells and beautiful chandeliers, these are all grand residences Sandat Glamping Tent Camp in Ubud, Bali, It has a homey feel which is complemented by latticed windows and canvas walls.

After all this, relaxing on a four-poster bed with a glass of wine in hand and a view of the forest from the window sounds like an ideal vacation plan. Isn’t it?

Details about Sandat Glamping Tent

Rating of Sandat Glamping in Ubud, Bali: 4.4/5
Place: J.L. Subak Sala, Banjar Sala, Pejeng Kawan, Ubud, Pejeng Kawan, KEC. Gianyar, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80552, Indonesia
Tariff: INR 18,000 per night (approx)
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2. Go for a relaxing stay at Ubud Tropical Glamping

ubud tropical

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Complementing the spectacular beauty of Bali, this retreat nestled amidst the tropical gardens of Ubud is paradise. Ubud Tropical Glamping It makes for a great abode to live close to nature and enjoy the benefits of luxury in complete isolation.

Ubud Tropical Glamping One with luxurious amenities like queen size bed, air conditioner, private bathroom with hot water facility and a private terrace space to enjoy a relaxing private time overlooking the natural surroundings and serenely flowing rivers in Ubud Ensures a comfortable stay.

So for those who find peace amidst the silence of nature, this Luxury Glamping Resort Would be a perfect choice in Bali!

Details about Ubud Tropical Glamping

Rating: 4.6/5
Place: J.L. Raya Andong Petulu, Ubud, Gianyar, Petulu, Ubud, Denpasar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Tariff: Starting from INR 2,800 (based on double sharing)
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3. Relax in a private Jacuzzi in the middle of the jungle at Escape Nomad

escape from nomad

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The luxurious glamping experience at Escape Nomad has completely changed the meaning of camping in the wilderness. While staying here, one can experience a blissful experience in the wilderness of nature with a touch of luxury. The bed is not the only comfort in this luxurious tent, as it also offers a private Jacuzzi to wash away all the stress, making it one of the great places to glamp in Bali.

At Escape Nomad, luxury tents are set up on rooftops that offer stunning panoramic views of the paddy fields, while the interiors give an authentic Indonesian feel as not every place has the luxury of a private Jacuzzi. Apart from spending the night under the stars and sleeping comfortably, there is also a unique high-tea and a relaxing massage session across the Ayung River that is absolutely royal and exclusive!

Details about Exodus Nomad

Rating: 4.2/5
Place: Banjar Umah Anyar, Semana, Mambal, Abiansemal, Mambal, Abiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali 80352, Indonesia
Tariff: INR 11,500 per night (approx)

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FAQs about Glamping in Ubud

Q: What is the best season to visit Ubud?

A: June to August is the best time to plan a holiday to have a relaxing holiday in Ubud. During this time, the days are usually sunny and hot while the evenings are cool and pleasant.

Q: Where is the best place to experience glamping in Ubud?

A: To experience real glamping, Sandat Glamping Resort is the best. This place ensures a luxurious and comfortable stay in Ubud.

Q: What are the top attractions in Ubud?

A: The top attractions to visit while glamping in Ubud are the Monkey Forest, Ubud Market and Ubud Art Galleries.

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