9 Must-Eat Restaurants In Giza

A foodie’s paradise, Giza Restaurant Delicious authentic dishes and drinks are served. From French and Japanese to Italian and Chinese cuisine, here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Giza, along with descriptions that will give you a great dining experience. If you’re looking for good places to eat, this list will help you.

Top 9 Giza Restaurants

Are you looking for good places to eat in Giza? Your search ends here as we present you the top Giza restaurants where you can enjoy a fine dining experience at your leisure.

1. Grill Restaurant & Lounge

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The Grill offers contemporary, traditional and brasserie exclusive flavors of French cuisine. If you want to taste excellent wines in a beautiful environment overlooking the Nile River, you should head to the Grill Restaurant. With a variety of options to choose from on its menu, you really won’t be spoiled for choice. You can discover the chicken secret of the grill at a good price every Friday.

Address: InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Corniche El Nile Downtown, Cairo 11511 Egypt
price range: INR 2,423 – INR 6,231
special diet: Vegetarian Option, Gluten Free Option, Vegetarian Friendly, Halal

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2. L’Ullivato Italian Restaurant

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For fine dining L’Ullivato is probably the best Italian restaurant in Giza. You can enjoy the natural elements and cozy lounge here with the right amount of luxury comfort. The restaurant is inspired by warm, coastal countries and has the perfect atmosphere. For a mesmerizing night, you can enjoy cocktails and music at this trendy bar.

Address: Nile City Towers- 2005 B Corniche El Nile, Cairo 11311 Egypt
price range: INR 2,493 – INR 3,739
Special diets: Vegetarian-friendly, vegan options

3. Bird cage

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If you are craving for Thai cuisine, Birdcage is the restaurant you should visit. They serve authentic Thai dishes including garlic chili shrimp, cashew chicken and crispy rice with peanut sauce. What really connects you to the restaurants is that they transport you across the continent with the loud sounds and exotic aromas coming from the open kitchen.

Address: Corniche El Nil Semiramis InterContinental Cairo, Cairo 11511 Egypt
price range: INR 2,077 – INR 6,924
special diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegetarian Option, Halal, Gluten Free Option

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4. Osmanli Restaurant

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One of the famous restaurants in Giza, Osmanli Restaurant is heavenly for those who want to taste Mediterranean and delicious Turkish food. When you visit the place, the first thing you will find is a brass pitcher of jasmine water to dip your hands in and a hot towel to dry them.

Address: 12 Ahmed Ragheb Street Garden City, Cairo 11519 Egypt
price range: INR 1,385 – INR 3,462
special diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegetarian Option, Halal

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5. Saigon Restaurant & Lounge

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Saigon Restaurant & Lounge is one of the best Asian fine dining restaurants. It offers a unique sharing concept with a distinctive twist of Asian cuisine for a unique culinary experience. If you want to admire the beautiful interiors and the stunning Nile view, then definitely visit this place for a unique experience in Saigon restaurants. The lounge is also the perfect place to spend a cool evening in the city.

Address: 2005B, Corniche El Nil, Ramlet Bouillac, Cairo 2466 Egypt
price range: INR2,354 – INR 3,600
special diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegetarian Option, Gluten Free Option

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6. Kamala at Conrad Cairo

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Kamala in Conrad Cairo serves a variety of cuisines to choose from – Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Thai, Sushi, Diner. They have very stylish decor and sophisticated mood lighting that makes this beautiful Cairo restaurant the ideal place for a wonderful night on the town.

Address: 1191 Corniche El Nil, Cairo 11511 Egypt
price range: INR 415 – INR 2,077
special diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegetarian Option, Halal, Gluten Free Option

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7. Vivo Restaurant

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If you want to enjoy quality food with great service overlooking the Nile River, Vivo is your place for an amazing fine dining experience. You can enjoy rustic Italian cuisine in a modern setting, where the smell of home-made pizza will make you feel like you are on a trip to the countryside.

Address: 1113 Corniche El Nil Street 2nd Floor, Cairo 11221 Egypt
price range: Rs 1,385 – Rs 2,770
special diet: Vegetarian-friendly, vegan options

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8. India on the banks of the Nile River

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India Along the Nile features deliciously delicious Indian cuisine. They offer excellent food and service along with a great ambiance. It is a paradise for all those Indians who come to Cairo and miss home food.

Address: Corniche The Nile, Semiramis InterContinental Cairo, Egypt Garden City, Cairo 11511
price range: INR 2,077 – INR 6,924
special diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegetarian Option, Halal, Gluten Free Option

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9. Le Deck by Laurent Peugeot

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Le Deck by Laurent Peugeot is Cairo’s only floating restaurant with spectacular views. To enjoy a unique experience of taste with French cuisine and Japanese beauty, this restaurant should be on your priority list when you are in the city. What makes this place different is its beautiful ambiance.

Address: 3 El Thawra Council Street Sofitel El Gezirah, Cairo 11511 Egypt
price range: INR 1,731 – INR 6,231
special diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free Option, Vegetarian Option

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There are a variety of options for fine dining in Giza. Feel free to explore the surrounding areas for more places to visit while you are in Giza. This is a great opportunity for you to try different flavors. In short, you will never go hungry on your trip to Egypt. You can have lunch or dinner at one of these Giza restaurants depending on your budget and mood.

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