A Trekking Adventure Awaits You At This New-Found Mystical Mountain Near Manali

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For all those traveling in search of new adventures, Manali has always been the first choice escape. But since last few years Manali has been flooded with tourists and now even thinking about the endless traffic and long waiting lists in hotels is a nightmare before planning a holiday to this hill station. Have you gone through this? We feel you!

However, there is good news for hippie lovers as the fabulous alternative of Manali has come into limelight. Located just 15 kilometers from Manali, it has a unique hilly terrain which it is famous for Futta solar trek, Being an unknown local gem, it gives adventure enthusiasts a great chance to explore the region like a professional.

Why should you visit this place?

Rich in post-card like scenery to be experienced, this place is also called “Lake of Mountains”, Unlike other tourist destinations, this region nestled in the foothills of the Pir Panjal range of the western Himalayas still remains a unique destination, offering all the peace and quiet in the world.

Main features of ‘Lake Pahad’

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  • An adventurous trekking experience through Futta solar trek
  • Witness at least 12 lakes when you are on the Futta Saur Trek
  • Experience camping in open grasslands under the starry night sky
  • Spend time relaxing among the mountains

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FAQs about Futta Saur Trek

Question: How to reach Basecamp from Delhi?

A: One can take a Volvo bus from Delhi which connects to Patlikuhal bus stand, located just 20 kms before the main Manali bus stand. To reach the base camp from Patlikuhal one has to take a private vehicle.

Question: What is the temperature above Futa Saur?

A: The temperature at the base camp ranges between 31-20 degrees which can drop to below zero during the trek. It can remain warm even in sunlight during the day.

Question: What things should be carried with you on a trek?

A: Fill your backpack with enough woolen clothes and rain gear. Also, carry your trekking shoes which are highly durable.

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