Fujairah UAE The Jewel of Arabia Popular Tourist Hub

Fujairah UAE The Jewel of Arabia Popular Tourist Hub

Fujairah UAE: While thinking of a road trip in the UAE, the capital city of Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah are often the first ideas of destination.  If you are looking for something relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle then the emirate of Fujairah is certainly worth a visit.

Fujairah is one of the most beautiful cities of the UAE. It is a popular tourist hub. Its major claim to fame includes its sun-kissed wrap- around beaches and the Hajjar Mountains that stands sentinels across the entire country. Fujairah has several popular places to visit such as Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Fujairah Fort, Wadi Wurayah and Fujairah Museum. This beautiful coastline is ideal for scuba diving and sunbathing.

Fujairah UAE
Fujairah UAE

These are the list of things to do in Fujairah:

Al Badiyah Mosque: In a country short on Historic attractions the nation’s oldest mosque is a standout sight. It is believed to be more than 500 years old and still hosting daily prayers. This mosque made up of mud and stone was awarded a certificated of excellence by Global travel website Trip Advisor. It is a must to see the region’s history.

Visit a centuries old fort built in 1735.Al Bithna Fort is a magnificent structure about 13 kilometres away from Fujairah city centre. This fort is surrounded by gorgeous palm orchards and majestic mountains. It is a perfect backdrop for your travel pictures.

The Corniche and Bull betting

Bull betting and the Corniche is one of the most unique events going around. Bull Betting is held every Friday in the later afternoon. It is a popular family event. There are 20 bulls battling with each other and slowly by slowly the numbers decreases and the winners move on to the next round. The prize for the winning bull is his value in the market is increased. Make sure you are away from the bulls as there are tendency they will charge after you. .  

Snoopy Island is a rocky marine island which is a natural beauty and has abundant sea life. Its name is on a cartoon character dog which this island resembles its shape. It is hundred meters away. You will find many beautiful species of fish and sharks. It is a tremendous place for snorkelling. Scene of marvellous natural beauty and different colours of fish is sufficient to make the trip memorable.

Fujairah UAE
Fujairah UAE

Walk into a living museum:

The Fujairah Heritage Village is a place where you will find traditional houses ancient artefacts and farming tools. If you’ve ever wondered how the emirates might have looked like hundreds of years ago this is the place for you.

Wander around the gardens:

Located at the foot of the Hajjar Mountains is Ain Madhab garden heaven for nature lovers. Relax in a freshwater spring or a natural warm pool. If you are lucky you might be able to watch a traditional dance at the garden outdoor theatre.

Hot Spring

Ain Al- Madhab Hot Springs is a popular retreat for locals and tourists. Ain Al- Madhab Hot Spring is nestled at the foothills of the Hajjar Mountains. This hot spring does not only serve as a mineral spa but also a huge park housing the remnants of Fujairah Fort and Heritage village. These mineral springs produce warm sulphuric water. They are further drawn into two separate bathing areas, one for males and others for females. The open space in the area also works as an outdoor theatre where traditional performances are held during the holiday in Fujairah.

Country Club

Tennis and country club is situated against Hajjar Mountains in Fujairah. People belonging to different age groups come here not only for relaxation but also for enjoyment. The tennis club has five international floodlight tennis courts and a tennis stadium. The club has a multipurpose indoor sports hall and has an outdoor playground for children. Meetings and conferences are also organized in this club.

Wadis and Mountains:

Drag your eyes away from the Indian Ocean and look back inland for views of the imposing Hajjar mountain backdrop. The craggy mountains and Wadis offer the country’s best hiking spots and some amazing scenery compared to the rolling dunes and pristine beaches. This is rugged and challenging. Until you know the area better, hiking and mountain biking should be done with an organised tour group. Tour organiser Absolute Adventure has hiking and cycling tours for all ability levels, including a Dibba Mountain trek and coastal tour.

McGettigan Fujairah:

Just like Abu Dhabi and Dubai branches of the ever-expanding Irish chain, only more so with the relative lack of competition, Mc Gettingan’s has a stream of ladies night, quiz nights, sports screenings, happy hours and branches that make this a Fujairah favourite. Pub food staples such as burgers, pies and fish and chips are good to eat in abundance.

Fujairah UAE
Fujairah UAE

Where to stay:

Booking your favourite room in the preferred accommodation may become a mammoth task. You might find yourself at the door of a super expensive hotel that is sure to put a wrench on your budget. Here a list of hotels that don’t skimp on services and yet are affordable.

Novotel Fujairah offer gorgeous views of the soaring cityscape.  This hotel provides a crystal clear swimming pool, contemporary fixtures, well-equipped meeting rooms, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a stylish lounge, a fitness centre and so much more. The prices are surprisingly affordable.

The Millennium Hotel in Fujairah is located close to Hajjar Mountains just 5 minutes away from the commercial and business hub of the Emirate. There is an outdoor pool, multi-cuisine restaurants and sports bars, spa, meeting venues and several well-appointed rooms and suites. This hotel is close to the tourist attraction apart from providing special packages and offering lower the room rate.

Hotels to stay near the beach:

One of the best hotels in Fujairah is the Concorde Fujairah Hotel. It is Located at a mere 10 minutes from the Fujairah Beach. The hotel boast of gorgeous views of the mist-clad Hajjar Mountains. It is near the shopping malls, tourist attractions, airport and some beautiful garden. It also has a lot of required amenities.

For many tourists, Fujairah is a laid back relief after Dubai. For locals, it’s a favourite weekend escape.

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