France Removed All Travel Restrictions For International

France Removed All Travel Restrictions For International

The French government announced that it will be relaxing all travel restrictions for international arrivals starting from 1st August 2022. France removed all the previously applied travel rules including negative COVID reports, a declaration document affirming that the traveler is not infected with the covid-19 virus, and mandatory antigen tests once the traveler arrives in France. Both Mainland France and its overseas territory are a part of relaxation from travel restrictions imposed by France earlier.

France Removed All Travel Restrictions For International

The ban or strict travel restrictions on travel to France was imposed in response to a spike in the number of cases of Covid-19 from which the hold world was suffering severely but currently France saw a massive number of downfall in covid cases. Hence, France decided to lift all travel restrictions from the travelers. Also, it will surely be helpful to attract more visitors and boost the economy of the country.

A few days ago, France decided and announced that masks are not mandatory in public transport, taxis, and any place open to the public as it was strictly mandatory during covid times. However, it is recommended to wear the mask when in small places with less ventilation and the huge number of people gatherings for the safety of everyone as covid 19 is not yet completely gone.

France Removed All Travel Restrictions For International

Right after a few days of lifting the mask rule, France decided to lift all the travel restrictions for international travelers arriving in France.

Concerning all this, French Government pointed out that though we have lifted all travel rules and regulations, still if the conditions worsen and we see increasing cases of the virus, then, we might reintroduce the travel restrictions for everyone’s safety to reduce the spread of the virus as traveling from one place to another is a major source for the virus to spread fast.

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