Fireflies Festival In Maharashtra – Tour Travel Hotels

Fireflies Festival In Maharashtra - Tour Travel Hotels

The Fireflies festival is observed exclusively in Maharashtra in June every year. It is a festival marked to celebrate the spirit of nature. The festival will kick off this June 2022.

The Fireflies have made the Western Ghats their home, and they materialise spectacularly at night, in millions, radiating shimmering light to attract the opposite sex during the monsoon season.

Anyone interested in witnessing the spectacular spirit of nature can get a 1D / 1N package. If you are passionate about adventure, you can enjoy nighttime activities such as trekking, hiking, camping and firefly walks. Rajamchi Village, Siddha Gada Wadi, Shadhamamachi Village, Bhandarkadar, Ghatgarh, Kotaligad, and Kondane Caves in Maharashtra, to mention a few hosting this month-long event.

This phenomenal sighting occurs before the rainy season. Millions of fireflies begin to emerge during the season. They mate and lay eggs for 2 months. If you are eager to see the splendour of the overall light show, visit this special festival in Maharashtra.


Go to these places in Maharashtra to take part in the Festival of Fireflies.

Purushavadi Fireflies Festival in Maharashtra:

  • Takes place from June 1 to June 26 at Puruswadi Village.

Rajmachi Fireflies Festival:

  • Camp Treks and Trails run until June 25.
  • The Rajmachi Bike Ride and the Kingfisher Festival near Lonavala take place from June 4 to 5.
  • The Fireflies Photography Boot Camp runs from June 4 to 5.
  • Capture fireflies capping runs until June 18th.
  • Trekking and camping take place in the Malshet Ghat till June 25.

The Fireflies Festival has begun in various parts of Maharashtra already. Visit today.

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