Fire & Ice Vacations: The Hottest New Trend In Holidaying That’s Taken The World By A Storm

Despite being a total mix of how things used to be, this new tripping-trend is highly inspiring and definitely can’t be missed! So, with all the hype about this Fire and Ice Holiday IdeasTry this for those travel sores near you! For most travelers, finding time to cover the entire planet may seem a bit difficult. Not only are distance and time the main constraints, but you will also be craving something extra when you plan a very busy vacation.

All Game of Thrones fans will already be loving the idea, it’s not about Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons meeting the Night King’s army! not yet anyway. Fire and ice holidays means planning your vacation to include destinations that have different climates, such as snow-capped mountains and exotic sunny beaches. Although this trend has only recently been felt by many American travelers, it is spreading rapidly among young people with lists longer than the average human life-span!

Best Fire and Ice Vacation Ideas

A simple start to your fun-filled vacation? Well, that doesn’t seem right! How about a super fun vacation with everything in one go? So, here are some places you should consider if you want to try out these amazing blended vacation experiences.

1. California

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Deserts and mountains coexist peacefully in this American state, and there are so many sights to see that you’ll be spoiled for choice. This is correct! The California experience is a must when it comes to trying the Fire and Ice Tour with your folks or even as solo travelers and backpackers. You can go skiing and snowboarding at Big Bear Mountain, which is 2 hours from downtown Los Angeles, where you can get some sun-tan at Malibu Beach.

2. Argentina

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Argentina has no shortage of museums, European-style architecture, and nature attractions hidden in glaciers and parks. However, what makes it truly special is that even the extreme weather has its extremes, redefining the meaning of the term ‘holiday of fire and ice’. A ski trip in Patagonia or Mar del Plata beaches or even a cruise trip to the Antarctic will become a perfect icing on the cake for your bucket list!

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3. Chile

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Chile is not only a perfect blend of terrains with the Andes Mountains in the east, the Atacama Desert in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the west, this South American land offers an insightful encounter with the people living in the rural districts of the south. When you visit a foreign land, what could be better than learning more about the local people? But, there is much more to Chile than meets the eye and it certainly cannot be fully expressed in words.

4. Iceland

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Why Iceland? Well, because it literally has everything. Imagine a place where you can climb a glacier, and if you don’t like it too cold, go for a bath in a hot spring? Well, if you don’t like any of that, and you’re into water, try whale watching, snorkeling, and swimming. Places like the Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle and Jökulsárlón will make your memorable vacation even better!

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5. Japan

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Planning a trip to Japan? Well, now you have another reason to visit this country! The extreme ends of Japan, the southern and northern, offer the most extreme climates, making for a great addition to the list of ‘fire and ice vacation ideas’! Hokkaido in the north is full of hot springs, majestic mountains and when the snow brings us its great strength during winter, ski your way along these peaks. Miyakojima Island and Ishigaki Island offer that beach atmosphere and perfect weather for island hopping!

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6. Hawaii

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Another place to experience those extremes is Hawaii. Head straight to Kona and Kohala for pleasant warm weather and watch a spectacular sunset at Kailua Village along Ali Drive. This is followed by the opposite season of freezing cold on Mauna Kea, which remains covered with snow during the winter. Here, you can book a sunrise tour and arrive early to sit under the starry sky. Still craving more? Well, don’t miss a glimpse of Hawaiian culture and dancing to local music at the Coconut Grove Marketplace.

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7. Indonesia

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Did you know that the chances of having that trending ‘Fire and Ice’ experience in a tropical country like Indonesia are higher than you think? Destinations like Jakarta, Kuta, Ubud and the famous tourist destination Bali come together to give you a unique holiday – one that you will cherish more than any other. Visit a museum or two in the capital Jakarta or plan to spend a few nights in Kuta for the party atmosphere and if you want to see more of nature, wildlife, mountains, volcanoes, lakes and temples, Bali is the place for you. Is!

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8. India

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With so many places offering this great combination, India has become one of the best fire and ice holiday ideas this year! In the land of abundant greenery, majestic mountain views, beaches and mesmerizing views, places like Kerala aspire to have this amazing experience. This famous land of backwaters is not only the cleanest state in India, but it is also called ‘God’s Own Country’ for a reason! This place of herbs, spices, coconuts and elephants has something for every kind of traveller.

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Have you also connected all these extreme locations to King’s Landing and North of the Wall in Game of Thrones? Well, maybe it’s time you tried something new that connects you to the popular TV series and satisfies the wandering soul inside you! After all, this way you get both worlds and there’s nothing better than a holiday well spent. When are you planning an international trip to try out these ‘Fire and Ice vacation ideas’?

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