Father’s Day 2022 : Father-Daughter Trips To Plan Across

Father's Day 2022 : Father-Daughter Trips To Plan Across

Father-daughter trips are special because they allow you to bond with your daughter in a completely different way. The relationship between a father and daughter goes beyond that of a father and son, so fathers need to spend quality time with their daughters.

Father-daughter trips can be a bonding experience, and not just because they are fun. They help fill in some of the gaps that may exist between a father and his daughter. It can also help build a strong relationship with your daughter and allow you to share some special moments.

Fathers day

Here’s a look at some of the best destinations for father-daughter trips across India:

1) Kochi, Kerala:

A city that never sleeps! With so much happening around the clock, this place will keep both of you occupied till late at night! From a visit to the famous Chinese fishing nets to hanging out at the beach or checking out some awesome street food joints, there’s something for everyone here! Plus, it’s just 2 hours away from Mumbai by flight!

2) Thekkady, Kerala:

Thekkady is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala and is famous for its lush green forests, hills, streams, and waterfalls. You can go on a boat ride through the backwaters or even parasail from one hill to another for a bird’s eye view of the place. Thekkady has also been declared an elephant reserve which means you can enjoy watching them from close quarters too!

3) Coorg, Karnataka:

If your daughter loves coffee or you love coffee and want to introduce your daughter to the world of coffee then, take her to Coorg. This beautiful hill station in Karnataka is known for its lush greenery and coffee plantations. Take her on a journey through the hills and enjoy nature at its best. The region is known for its coffee industry, which has won several awards in the past few years. You can visit the plantations and learn about how coffee is grown and processed into various types of beans and drinks. There are also many shops in the area where you can buy specialty coffees from across the country as well as local varieties that are grown only there.

Fathers day

4) Goa, Maharashtra:

This beautiful state offers everything from beaches, water sports, and shopping options to temples and historical sites. There are so many things for a daughter and father to enjoy in Goa and you’ll fall in love with its charm. Goa trip will give you a chance to see another fun side of your dad. The best part? It’s easily accessible from Mumbai or Bangalore!

5) Jaipur, Rajasthan:

The royal state of Rajasthan altogether has been known for its beautiful palaces and forts which were built during the reign of kings. You can visit them with your dad and explore these beautiful monuments together. You can also visit many other historical monuments like Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal etc., These monuments will teach you about the history of India while giving you an idea about how people lived centuries ago. You should also try some local cuisine while on this trip because it will be one of the best experiences ever!

6) Shimla, Himachal Pradesh:

Shimla is another popular hill station in India and it offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas from atop its peaks. You can head out for hikes in this place too if your daughter likes adventure sports such as hiking or trekking!

7) Jammu & Kashmir:

A visit to Jammu & Kashmir is like stepping into another world altogether. It’s one of India’s most beautiful states, so you’ll be able to enjoy some stunning vistas while exploring this region together with your daughter. You can visit Gulmarg Snow Resort, Pahalgam Hills, Gulmarg Lake, Lake Dal, Nand Mahal Garden, and much more with your daughter.

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