Fantastic Cabo – Cape Verde A dream Holiday Destination

Fantastic Cabo: Ten small yet striking islands make up Cabo Verde or Cape Verde. This island nation is located off the northwest coast of Africa, promising sunshine throughout the year. Miles of dazzling beaches with glistening turquoise waters remain below the radar. The food, music and architecture of Cape Verde Island are conspicuous of African and Portuguese culture.

The country boast of some top rated sightseeing attractions and stunning views are guaranteed at every nook and corner. World Class hotels with impeccable service are sure to entice any avid traveller. The fantastic music and bustling markets in every city are clear signs that you are not far from the African coast.

Fantastic Cabo - Cape Verde
Fantastic Cabo – Cape Verde

Fantastic Cabo – Cape Verde A dream Holiday Destination

Cabo Verde is such a fascinating place and I am unable to wait to go to sooner or later! With a number of the greatest all-around sports fishing on earth and every water sport possible, Cabo is the best destination for travelers looking for outdoor adventure. Take memorable day tours and learn more about the city streets and assorted native landmarks, and get to understand the lovely areas that Cabo offers.

Traditional Mexican Dish

Tacos are likely the highlight dish of the city with several restaurants offering their very own special twist to the traditional Mexican dish. Overlooking Medano Beach, this outstanding eatery serves up a number of the very best ceviche around. Awesome restaurant, the hidden garden is quite romantic. If you need a fantastic dinner in Cabo, I strongly suggest Toro instead. In general, the food was fine but the service was not so great. You are able to bring your drink downstairs in the event you would love.

Lovers Beach

The geography of Lovers Beach is extremely intriguing and it’s not quite as quiet and secluded as its name implies. The tourist-friendly region was developed to supply the ideal holiday destination for visitors coming from all around the world. The Cabo area is currently considered the 2nd fastest growing resort destination in all Mexico.

Every property in our network was vetted and verified so that you can book with confidence. If you’re renting a vehicle, you should acquire third party liability as a result of Mexican law. If you love playing golf, you will love the stunning oceanfront and desert courses in the area.

Yes, Manta is as excellent as it gets. Manta is a lovely restaurant. For instance, a whale watching tour is for 5 decades and up, whilst snorkeling is 8 decades and up.

La Osteria

If you’re on the lookout for live music you might want to go to La Osteria. On the summer solstice every year, you can delight in some of the best music under the lovely Mexican sky in what can only be described as a real celebration of sound. It’s sure to grow into one of the leading worldwide film festivals within the upcoming few decades. It is an incredible spectacle supplied by nature.

Just steps beyond the resort it is possible to have the excitement and energy downtown Cabo San Lucas. This experience helped us to recognize the dearth of skills in our youth and the absence of connection with the remainder of the planet following the trends of digital markets to be successful in the world sector. An excellent relationship is that wherein one does not need to make efforts in order to keep in other’s life.

The surf is quite good in Cabo. The principal beach of Cabo is situated close to the marina in the bay. This resort is unquestionably the most common beachfront condominium project in Los Cabos. Lover’s Beach Lover’s Beach isn’t only for lovers! Since it’s the safest, it’s considered the very best beach for families.

Timeshare Shuttle

If you’re staying in a villa or plan on several day-trips that aren’t covered by means of a resort or timeshare shuttle, then a rental will probably be a more cost-effective choice. Both of the bedrooms provide en-suite bathrooms and a great deal of room to store your belongings. It’s possible to come early or check in and go upstairs.

Your guide will give you with free photos of your experience. It is possible to also compose a review for all of us at TripAdvisor! To book this holiday home you have to pay through the Holiday Lettings site. If you want to read more, Linda also has a post on the visit to Cabo. In case you have questions ahead of your trip, we are content to help you 7 days per week.

The trick when traveling with a different couple is finding the best balance of quiet romance and exciting activities you may share together with a few your besties. Neptune’s Finger, a massive rock that protrudes from the sea, can be found from this beach.

The large back terrace was the ideal place for breakfast and a couple of dinners in. For a long time, the standard spot for tourists to acquire basic supplies was the pharmacy and supermarket at Plaza Aramburo in the middle of town. This time of year also sees a number of the lowest hotel costs. Since you may see, it’s always a great time to fish in Cabo!


First and foremost, we just would like you to be comfortable and happy. It is possible to just settle back and enjoy! Just as it’s pricey doesn’t ensure it is good! Remember that we don’t prescreen posts so there can be a period of time once an inappropriate post is visible.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde pleases outdoor enthusiasts with its picturesque terrain for hiking or water sports. But if you are only looking to relax by the sea, then Cape Verde can also fulfil your desires with its perfect golden sandy beaches or its healing black sand beaches.

Fogo meaning fire is prominent of all of the Cape Verde islands with a maximum altitude of 2900 metres above sea level. The volcano Pico de Fogo is the main attraction and can be climbed in around six hours using the nearby town Cha de Caldeiras as a starting point. The largest city in the island is Sao Filipe which is the fourth largest city in Cape Verde and also home to the island’s airport. The beaches on this island are stunning and well worth exploring.

Sal: The sun shines brightly in this coastal destination. Crystal clear water and white sandy beaches make it ideal for relaxing. It is also used as a starting point to discover. Other neighbouring islands, wind and kite surfing are quite popular here.

Go diving and snorkelling there is some diving and snorkelling option for holidaymakers who want to explore Cape Verde beneath the waves.

Fantastic Cabo - Cape Verde
Fantastic Cabo – Cape Verde

Kite surfing:

Cape Verde provides a fantastic range of water sports, but among the most exciting and rewarding are the wind sports. Between January and May, the winds can be quite strong on much of the coastline of Sal and Boa Vista and this makes for some superb Kite surfing conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, there is ample of facilities available to holidaymakers looking to engage in the sport.

Shop for souvenirs in Sal Rei:

What is a vacation without Souvenirs? Sal Rei located on the island of Boa Vista is a unique shopping centre especially for locally made crafts and artworks. While exploring the wonders sights and sounds on the island, stop by one of the many souvenir shops in Sal Rei and pick up some memorabilia. With a deeply set art and craft in Cape Verde, tourist is assured of original local items including coral jewellery, straw hats and other crafts made of locally available materials including wood.

Rock Formation catrbneirinho Sao Nicolau:

The asymmetrical sculpture in the rock formation of Catrbneirinho near the town of Tarrafal is challenging to describe. You must see it to understand the feeling. The desert landscape and the sea in the background give you the impression that you are one with the universe.

Experience Nightlife in Mindelo:

Mindelo is a vibrant town with an equally vibrant night culture. Tourist can enjoy this part of the Cape Verdean nightlife by visiting one of the numerous nightclubs and entertainment spots in the town. Tourists have a variety of night time activities to choose from including walking tours around the city.

Delicious meals accompanied by great music in the numerous restaurants or relieving music with drinks in the nightclubs and bars While tourist may enjoy the nightlife of the town during any day. Weekends are the most vibrant with activity. Mindelo is Cape Verde’s cultural capital and offers tourist chance to be a part of the numerous nigh time festivities such as Jazz concerts and traditional music.

Carnival: A parade consists of brightly coloured costumes, music, and people dancing, eating and drinking. That is a carnival in Cape Verde. And that s why it is also called small Rio de Janeiro. The largest carnival is in February in the streets of Mindelo on Saio Vicente.

Plan your next holiday in this piece of paradise; it is a stunner.

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