Top 10 Villages In Bali That Are Distinguished For Their Exceptional Outdoor & Lovely Nature

Bali is the best travel destination and it is a place for everyone! Bali is famous for its volcanic mountains, gorgeous beaches, coral reefs and exemplary rice fields. This small Indonesian island offers a night full of peace as well as fun. Holidays in Bali are a blend of art, culture, modernity and of course, union with nature.

10 popular villages in Bali

Amidst this vibrant atmosphere, one often forgets to see the island from within: the people, the art and the life. So, make sure you explore the top 10 famous villages in Bali that give you a chance to live the traditional Balinese life.

1. Trunnion

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Located near Lake Batur, this village is right in the center of Bali in the Kintamani district, accessible only by boat. This village is the home of Bali Anga, whose funeral rituals are most interesting. They do not burn or bury their dead, rather the residents of this village leave their dead in the open to decompose naturally. They place the corpse near Caymanian (incense) trees, which neutralizes the smell.

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2. Tenganan

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Tenganan was formerly known as Bali Aga, a culture that still observes the original traditions, ceremonies and rules of ancient Bali. Tenganan has unique village layout and architecture. Houses in Tenganan are built on both sides from north to south, with opening doors. The entrances to the houses are narrow allowing only one person to enter or exit at a time.

The main attraction of Tenganan are the cultural ceremonies performed by the residents. The village has unique customs and traditional rules called Awig-Awig, which prohibit polygamy and divorce. They weave their own cloth called Kalin-Gringsing and create beautiful leaf art. The village should be visited in the months of June and July for Mekare-Kare and Perang Pandan, the two most famous celebrations.

3. Penglipuran

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Penglipuran village is located in the mountains and has been declared the cleanest village in the world. You will find peace and lush greenery all around, with some impressive architecture on traditional houses. Interestingly, no vehicles are allowed to enter the village, however, the local people are very friendly and may invite you home. Situated at the foothills of Mount Batur, it has cooler air than other villages.

The most interesting thing about this village is that all the entrance gates are built similar to each other, they are oriented towards the north-east towards Mount Agung located in the north-east, making it look beautiful. The religious leader in rural areas is called Jiro Bayan which consists of 3 Jiro Bayan; A Jiro Bayan Mukuk and 2 people from Jiro Bayan Nyoman. Distinctive cultural capabilities such as building architectural patterns remain traditional.

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4. Nickname

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The village is famous for its jewelery and is the largest producing area of ​​silver jewelery in Bali. Shopping hotspots for tourists, you can even learn to make these yourself. This is an ideal place to buy silver and gold souvenirs, and the best part is that you can get one custom made.

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5. Moonstone

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A mix of virtually the entire island, it is one of the tourist favourites. You can immerse yourself in traditional dances like Baroque, Kecak and Legong, or wander around and admire the breathtaking pieces of art. You can also see stone carvers at work. Don’t forget to bring yourself a stone carved souvenir!

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6. Mass Village

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If you are an art lover then this village is for you. Another favorite spot among tourists, you can see amazing art creations being carved live. The village of Mas, south of Ubud, is lined with art galleries, the most famous of which are the Nyana and Tilam Galleries.

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7. Rocks

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The village is famous for its style of painting which began in the 1930s and then evolved into its major Balinese artistic genre, Batuan painting. It is also famous for its ancient Gambuh dance performed on the full moon day. It is one of the most non-violent villages in all of Bali. The temple of Pura Puseh village is known for its stone carvings. The Moti Buddha statue is also famous.

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8. Denpasar

Denpasar has an interesting history and a lot of Dutch influence. It is the main center of culture and activities in Bali. With its white sand beaches, the area provides the ideal location for the famous Bali sunset and a thrilling surfing experience. Restaurants and small cafes serving international and traditional cuisine are lined up.

9. Kuta

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It’s a surfer’s paradise! The waves at Kuta’s beaches are high and fast, ideal for a good surfing experience. It is also the only entry point to southern Bali and has become a thriving destination of nightlife and luxury resorts. It offers the best of both worlds, a traditional setting combined with a modern lifestyle.

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10. Ubud

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This is the heart of Bali, it is literally in the middle of the island, close to the mountains and the beaches alike. A center of art and literature, famous painters such as Rudolf Bonnet stayed in this village.

You can enjoy ancient temples, large rice fields and most importantly some amazing artwork, this is the most recommended place to find your accommodation if backpacking.

Bali is truly the top place to visit in Southeast Asia. Are you planning to explore this beautiful country, then head to these famous villages of Bali that offer a rich dose of nature and perfect peace. It lets your mind wander free and relaxes your body. So, don’t waste time and plan a trip to Bali now!

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