A whole other world in paradise: Exploring Palau with scuba-centric luxury yacht Black Pearl

Exploring Palau

Exploring Palau with scuba-centric luxury yacht Black Pearl
Nature has given city dwellers big, locked surprises, and if it inspired you to see what else is in the pristine parts of the world, then the luxury yacht Black Pearl is a sensational treat among the terrains charter around Palau.

Exploring Palau

This Micronesian island is nestled in the sapphire blue waters of the Indian Ocean, where rays, turtles, sharks, migrating whales and dolphins are as many possible encounters in more than 2000 species of fish and 300 kinds of coral. The Rock Islands archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for the indoor saltwater lake filled with stingless jellyfish with which visitors of all ages can dive, as well as the “ Milky Way where a limestone mud creates a natural spa treatment.

Long Lake is a must for its spotted eagle rays, sting rays, giant clams and turtles, while endemic birds such as kingfishers, Palauan flycatchers and other species with brighter colors sing branches above.

Exploring Palau

The ruins of stone villages and burial sites add to the sense of adventure, but nothing more than the many wrecks of World War II lying just below the surface of the water: kayak over a Japanese Zero fighter plane at Fantasy Island and dive among the most vivid coral gardens and most threatening sunken ships in the depths.

The M / Y Black Pearl is an incredible 46m / 152ft vessel launched in 2019 and designed for diving expeditions up to 20 people in 14 spacious double cabins with bathroom. There has never been a better opportunity for large scuba diving groups to visit wonders such as the Blue Holes of Nemelis, the Peleliu Express drift dive, the Siaes Tunnel and the Candlestick Caves when there are rooms dedicated to the care and storage of diving equipment, Dive Masters among the crew and an emergency decompression chamber as an additional safety measure during deeper and more experienced dives.

Exploring Palau

After exploring what’s underneath, you can warm up on the sunny front deck or on the hot tub on the main deck aft. It doesn’t matter if everyone is an avid diver, partner or friend for the adventure – there are two massage therapists to remove knots and provide a range of treatments to rejuvenate the skin and increase energy levels.

As you navigate between destinations, sleek, contemporary interiors create desirable areas to sit and relax in paradise: dine in the large buffet-style dining room where the velvety blue seats provide a comfortable place to socialize too . Professional chefs have the expertise to respond to allergies and all dietary requirements for greater peace of mind. Massive windows everywhere let in the sunlight and the Sky Lounge entertainment center is ready day or night for movies, console games, card games or even a workout with the wide selection of equipment available. gym.

Exploring Palau

There are also paddleboards, an inflatable slide and fishing gear from the large selection of water toys. This last option gives everyone the opportunity to have lunch in the rich fishing areas of Palau, where bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, marlin, wahoo and much more can be hung and prepared to perfection.

Your journey doesn’t have to be entirely spent at sea or among uninhabited islands, and Koror will seduce you with unique local crafts, modern galleries and shops, myriads of museums detailing the island’s past – especially during World War II – and lively nightlife.

Always available will be the terrace and its lounge chairs and plush deckchairs to take a nap in the sun or in the shade. This area is equally desirable at night and the group can observe the stars using the telescope on nights as clear as the waters.

Trina Howes is director of CharterWorld America. CharterWorld is a private luxury yacht charter company that creates exceptional vacations with excellent yachts at incredible prices – worldwide.

Exploring Palau

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