Explained What is 100 Percent Refund on Flight Cancellations

Explained What is 100 Percent Refund on Flight Cancellations

In the article, we will explain what are your flight refund rights in the event of flight cancellation. Here we explained in detail what is 100% Refund on Flight Cancellations is and how to claim it.

You must have always noticed that the ‘Refundable’ air ticket prices are always higher than ‘Non-refundable’ tickets. There is a reason for the same that why airlines are charging more money when there is a refundable written. A 100% refund is only possible when you have purchased an air ticket that is refundable because if you save your money initially, by buying non-refundable tickets then there is hard luck and no chance you will get a 100% refund on a request.

Now, there is various airline having various policies. Rules are different for the domestic sector, in whichever country you are in and rules will be different for international sectors. There is one thing always trending if there is a flight cancellation due to any reason, the airline will provide a hundred percent refund, no questions asked.

Refund on Flight

The above will be the case when there is a flight cancellation from the airline side. Now, what if airlines are operational and there is no cancellation from their side? Then also, you can ask for a 100% refund on your purchased airfare, with one condition, if you have purchased refundable airfares as mentioned earlier as it opens a clear window for you to get your 100% refund. But this case completely depends upon the individual airline rules and seasonal offers. As many airlines ask for the reason for cancellation and some may ask for documents as well. For example, during Covid-19 many airlines offered that if a passenger is Covid positive before the flight, then a passenger is eligible for a full refund after submitting the Covid-19 positive test results. Hence, it is advisable to check you’re your airline before booking what advantages they are providing you and how you can claim that.

If there is a flight cancellation and you are informed about the same within a fortnight before 24 of departure then you are eligible:

1) To get a 100% refund of your air ticket, and
2) To get an alternative flight available free of cost for the same route

After submitting the refund request, the airline will contact you directly via email or call regarding your request for a refund and it may take up to 72 hours to 30 days before the money is returned to your account. If you have purchased a flight ticket by paying cash, then you will be lucky enough as you can quickly have the refund at the air terminal only. In the case of payment done through credit card, it might require a couple of days, and in the event in which the payment was through a travel agency, it relies upon the agent from the respective travel agency.

Refund on Flight

Did you know you are also eligible for free accommodation or even meals if the flight has been delayed? Yes, if your flight has been delayed for more than certain hours, you are eligible to claim free accommodation or meals. But you need to go to your airline policies before buying tickets or you can proactively ask your airline what will be the case if such things happen in the future and how you will be able to claim certain benefits for which you are eligible in case of flight delay or cancellations.

This last point should be noted that the airline is not at all liable to pay any compensation to any of its users if there is a delay or cancellation of flights occurred due to any circumstances which are out of control or not in the airline’s hands like political dispute, civil war, natural calamity, aircraft strikes, security risk, air traffic control, etc.

Please note: Always check the rules, policies, and offers before booking with your airline as the different airline has different policies which are subject to change.

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