A View From The Top Of Europe’s New Tallest Skyscraper Will Make Your Jaw Drop To The Floor!

If Europe has always been on the top of your bucket list and if its name itself is enough to excite the traveler in you, then we have a news that will fuel your wanderlust even more. Europe’s tallest skyscraper going to meet Completed and you can see the entire continent from its top floor!

This new attraction named Lakhta Center is going to break records and become the tallest building in Europe so far. This building in St. Petersburg, Russia will serve as the headquarters of Russian gas company Gazprom, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Lakhta Tower, Europe

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The top of this skyscraper touches the sky at a height of 1,516 feet and has an interestingly curved structure at a height of 90 degrees from its base. Although it has 87 floors, its exterior is made of 16,500 individual glass panels to keep you warm at that height!

despite of being Europe’s tallest skyscraper, it will provide you with a viewpoint and a restaurant at the top offering stunning views of the Gulf of Finland. The restaurant will also be a part of the residential and commercial space that will cover the building by 1,181 feet. The second part of the building will include public amenities, a science museum, fitness center and more.

Interior of Lakhta Center

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Adding to the fun is the beach complex beneath this skyscraper, surrounded by a public piazza and amphitheater that will make your visit truly experiential. And you can enjoy these features and views of this superstructure until the end of 2019!

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Europe and see its beauty from this height!

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