ETS Surgery For Blushing – A Last Resort For Excessive Blushing

Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is known as a popular ETS surgery for blushing. Excessive blushing can be really annoying, not to mention embarrassing, especially during social gatherings. This not only creates a negative effect in the psychological character of a person, but it also makes the face extremely red. Too much blushing can actually be problematic if not taken care of early, which is why some people turn to professionals for help. This process can certainly bring an immediate solution to excessive blushing. Results can be seen almost immediately, however, the only problem with ETS surgery for blushing lies in its theory. ETS surgery directly addresses the problem by removing the nerve responsible for the blusher. Although this solution can produce immediate results, the nerve damage it leaves is questionable.

Because an ETS operation for blushing intentionally removes the nerve that is responsible for giving the blushing response, many doctors now consider it permanent brain damage. And because it is an irreversible damage involving the nerves, side effects are expected to follow. Some of the common side effects that may occur after taking ETS surgery can be expected.

• Excessive sweating – It is not yet clear how and why people sweat a lot after performing the operation, but after receiving an ETS surgery, patients sweat a lot even inside a room temperature space.

• Decreased heart rate – The nervous system is a very complex function that can be found in the body, although this damage occurs indirectly in the heart, yet the blood rate of the heart decreases.

It is recommended that you explore another route before resorting to damaging your nerves. This should be considered a last resort. This is not only dangerous, but also expensive.

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