NASA Reports Earth Is Now A Greener Place Than It Was In Last 20 Years, Thanks To India!

The Government of India needs to update its existing international tourism campaign ‘Incredible India’ to ‘Incredible and Green India’!

Why are you asking?

According to NASA report The Earth has become greener than in the last 20 years, And, along with China, India also has to take a lot of credit for this. If one looks at the map released by NASA, World’s largest population contributes most to Earth’s foliageMaking it a greener and better place to live.

Whoever said India is a gas chamber can take it on his face. still America is in 7th place The total change in vegetation percentage over the last decade. While people go out of India in search of greenery and lush landscapes, one gets to see greenery in abundance in their motherland. This sends a positive message to India which otherwise has the reputation of being one of the most populous countries in the world. Thanks to Delhi smog!

Formation of China and India one third of the greenery on the planet Despite only 9% of the Earth’s land being covered with vegetation.

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India on the globe

Yes, there were times when there was massive deforestation in India in the 80s to make room for urbanization, agriculture and development. but thank you 800,000 volunteers who imposed from Uttar Pradesh 50 million trees In 2017, he single-handedly helped us turn a bald patch green. The world record for planting so many trees in just 24 hours is also registered in his name.

India’s next milestone: There are 95 million hectares of green land

As a proud and responsible Indian, contribute in completing it as soon as possible.

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Although greenery is something that should not be limited to the borders of a country, let us resolve to be eco-friendly in every country we visit.

Remember: Don’t trust Trump! Climate change is real.

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