Earth Hour 2022: Date, History, Theme and Significance

Earth Hour 2022: Date, History, Theme and Significance

Earth Hour 2022 is a worldwide affair to connect people to act on environmental problems to safeguard our planet. In 2007, the event was organized by WWF for the first time in Sidney, Australia. Since then, Earth Hour has been observed every year to inspire individuals and communities to take the required steps to rejuvenate the planet.

Earth Hour is a one-hour light off occasion held on the last Saturday of March annually. This year in 2022, the Earth Hour affair has held on 26th March from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Once again, people across the world were ready to observe the event with great spirit.

Earth Hour – History

The first Earth hour day was observed in 2007, and it was marked by 2.2 million people in Sydney, Australia. WWF has initiated this international event as an initiative to inspire people across the world to take responsibility for their ecological awareness and contend in resource exchange that offers real solutions to our environmental problems.

This year, the event is extending to an international platform where some of the major places such as the Colosseum in Rome and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco will go dark on Earth Hour.

Theme of Earth Hour 2022:

Earth Hour 2022 theme is ‘Shape Our Future.’ This is a landmark year for everyone and our planet. It is our responsibility to #ShapeOurFuture by raising awareness about the major challenges affecting our planet today. This topic represents the fact that it is up to us to determine our future by drawing attention to the serious challenges confronting our world today.

The topic of Earth Hour 2021 was “Climate Change to Rescue Earth,” with the message that avoiding climate change is the only way to save the planet. In 2020, the subject was ‘Climate Action and Sustainable Development,’ with a renewed emphasis on climate change and sustainable development. The theme of the first Earth Hour was We’ve Turned Off the Lights.

Significance of Earth Hour:


Everyone understands the necessity of environmental conservation in daily life in order to assure a brighter future. In this way, we can ensure that future generations inherit a healthy planet. It is critical to have a clean environment and a green world. Furthermore, only a safe environment can provide us with the resources and places we require to live happily. Every day, the ecosystem deteriorates as a result of rising population and resource use. Humans are the principal cause of environmental destruction. Humans, on the other hand, have a duty to protect and preserve the environment.

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