These 6 Dashai Must Experiences Prove That Dussehra Brings Out The Best In Nepal Culture!

Nepal is a country of rich traditions and cultural practices, which are reflected during their major religious festivals. dussehra in nepal Called Dashain, which is an important festival for Hindus in Nepal but is celebrated with equal enthusiasm by people of all religions. Dashain celebrates the victory of good over evil, based on the belief that on this day, the demon Mahishasura was defeated by Goddess Parvati or Durga.

Highlights of Dussehra in Nepal

In Nepal, Dussehra festival is known as Dashain festival. Here are the highlights of the grand celebration of Dussehra in Nepal. Take a look and make sure you join the festivities on your holidays!

  • day 1: The first day of the festival is called Ghatasthapana and the Kalash or pot is installed on this day. The vessel contains holy water and is covered with cow dung and barley seeds. Local people believed that Goddess Durga resides in this vessel for 9 days and due to her presence the barley seeds turn into grass. Green grass is called Jamra.
  • Day 7: The celebrations on the seventh day are called Phulpati. In this ritual, a red cloth is tied on the stem of Kalash, sugarcane, jamara and banana. The Gorkha Brahmins take this bundle to the king’s palace and then offer it to the king. Today the President is present in the palace and flowers were offered to him at his residence.
  • Day 8: the eighth day of the celebration of Dussehra festival in Nepal It is called Maha Ashtami. On this day, animal sacrifice is made to Goddess Kali and then the family prepares food from that offering and eats it as Prasad.
  • Day 9: This day known as Mahanavami is celebrated in a grand manner and finally the Taleju temple is thrown open to all the visitors. Local people worship their cars and vehicles to avoid any accidents in future. On Mahanavami, a large number of guests visit the temple and participate in the celebrations.
  • Day 10: It is the last day of Vijayadashami Dussehra festival in Nepal And on this day a special tikka is prepared from curd, vermillion and rice. The women of the house apply this vaccine along with Jamra on the forehead of the younger members of the family. It is believed that the red tilak is a symbol of unity.

6 Top Dussehra Attractions in Nepal

If you are planning to visit Nepal then this is the best time around which you can plan your trip. Dussehra brings out the best traditional side of Nepal, which you can experience in a very short period of time. This festival lasts for 10 days and every day has its own significance. If you are in Nepal during Dashain, here are some experiences that will interest you as a traveller.

1. Dashain Fairs

giant boat wheels at the fair

Dashain or Dussehra Festival in Nepal is the best time to attend many exciting fairs or ‘fairs’. Fairs are organized in different parts of Nepal but their attractions are similar. Ferris wheels and other rides, food stalls, stalls selling clothes, jewellery, souvenirs and many other fancy things are the main attractions of these fairs. People come here to spend some leisure time with their family and friends.

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2. Dashain Music

A girl playing dashain music on flute

,Malashree Dhun” is Dashain music, just like the carols during Christmas. Various musical programs are organized in different parts of Nepal during Dussehra. It is a part of the six seasonal musics that the people of Nepal, especially those of the Kathmandu Valley, play to symbolize the arrival of each season. Malshree Dhun is autumn music and since Dashain is the major festival during autumn, this music is played during Dashain. People play musical instruments like Jyapu, Mali, Khadgi, Dhobi, roam around the village and city and attract crowds who gather to listen to them.

3. Dashain Food

Dashain food, Dal Bhat

image Source

Every festival comes with the aroma of some special and traditional foods. And when the festival is related to the harvest season, the reasons to eat and celebrate multiply. If you are lucky enough to be in Nepal during Dashain, food is a major factor that will keep your interest. This is the best time to taste some traditional authentic Nepali foods. Even dashain songs, “Dashain Aayo, Khaunla Piunla” which means “Dashain is here and we enjoy eating and drinking” This testifies to the relevance of food and drink during the festival.

  • Goat Pakku – A popular, extremely tasty goat meat dish
  • Mutton Sekuwa – Grilled Marinated Goat
  • Dal Bhaat Masu – Combo of dal (lentils), bhat (cooked rice) and masu (meat curry)
  • potato stalk – A vegetable dish with potatoes as the main ingredient
  • Bhatmas Sadheko – Soybean salad is commonly eaten as a snack.
  • Mula Ka Achar – A fermented pickled radish
  • Sikarni – Garnish with cardamom flavored whipped curd and nuts.

4. Dashain Shopping

Shopping on the streets of Kathmandu

Dashain is one of the best times to enjoy Budget or cheap shopping in Nepal, The markets are filled with all kinds of new goods. You can shop for kurtis, lehengas, sarees and other traditional wear. Shoes are another best buy this festive season. The markets also sell cutlery and utensils and jewelry and accessories of various designs and styles. These items are also a good option to buy as souvenirs to take back home or gift to a loved one. Best places where you can shop during Dashain:

  • Local Market, Thamel
  • Mahendra Pul Bazar, Pokhara
  • Civil Mall, Sundhra
  • City Centre, Kamal Pokhri
  • Putli Road, Kathmandu Valley

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5. Dashain Rituals

The idol of Goddess Durga is being worshiped in a gathering

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Travelers are often fascinated by festivals and customs that are new to them. If you are one of such travelers, you will definitely be interested in watching the Dashain “Pooja” or worship rituals. This festival is a big event in temples and sees huge participation of the community. Apart from puja at home, grand rituals are also conducted in major Hindu temples of Nepal. The 10-day festival has different festive celebrations each day. Temples are decorated throughout the festival. To best experience the Dashain festival in Nepal, you can visit these temples:

  • Sankata Devi Temple
  • Kalikasthan Temple
  • Naxalite Bhagwati Temple
  • Showa Bhagwati Temple
  • Taleju Temple
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Naradevi Temple
  • Dakshinkali Temple

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6. Kite flying

Flying kites on rooftop during Dashain

Dashain sees a spirited and informal kite flying competition among neighbours. Both adults and children are busy flying colorful kites from the rooftops of their houses. Whenever their kite string gets entangled with others they shout, “Changa Cheet”. If you are in Nepal during the Dashain festival, this is one activity you should not forget to try. roll in for Dashain kite flying events Organized by FLY360.

  • Kite flying shows and events
  • LED night flying kites
  • Kit Making Workshops

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From shopping to eating to cultural events, the Dussehra festival will make your holidays in Nepal nothing less than a celebration. Make the most of your Nepal trip by planning a holiday around Dashain. So, don’t miss the chance, plan your trip to Nepal immediately.

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FAQs about Dussehra in Nepal

Why is Dashain important in Nepal?

It is one of the most important festivals in Nepal as it celebrates the victory of good over evil and reflects the cultural integrity of Nepal. It is basically Dussehra celebration in Nepal as it is in India.

What is Dashain Tika?

Dashain Tika is part of the ritual followed during Dussehra puja in Nepal. In Nepal, Dussehra festival is known as Dashain.

How many days do we celebrate Dashain?

In Nepal, the tradition of Dussehra festival or Dashain is celebrated for 15 days.

Do Nepalese celebrate Diwali?

Yes, Nepali people celebrate Diwali. They will celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm on November 12, 2023.

Which is the famous festival of Nepal?

Dashain and Diwali are among the most famous festivals celebrated in Nepal.

When is Dashain Festival in Nepal 2021?

Dashain festival in Nepal will be celebrated on October 24, 2023.

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