Detian Waterfall turns golden: Location, Cause, Border

Detian Waterfall turns golden: Location, Cause, Border

Detian Waterfalls or Ban Gioc Falls, located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has turned into a rare sight. This stunning waterfall unexpectedly started glistening gold, and the sight looks otherwordly. Quây Sơn River which makes the waterfall(the international border between China and Vietnam) carries very high quantities of minerals during the rainy season, and when strong beams of the sunlight fall on this water body, it reflects a golden hue, which is a rare sight to behold. The crowd that witnessed it first captured pictures of this natural wonder, instantly making it go viral. Far-famed as the fourth-best waterfall in the world, Detian Waterfalls is considered a heaven for photographing.


Encircled by many famous peaks, including China’s Guilin Phanganga Bay and Halong Bay, the Detian Falls of China is considered the largest international waterfall in Asia. The water falls from a height of 98 feet; the sound of the crashing water can be heard from a mile away.


The Waterfall is split into two parts. The primary waterfall is called Detian, which is on the side of China. It is located on the Guichun River. And the second flank of the river falls in Vietnam. It lies at a distance of about 270 km from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. This waterfall flows on a limestone base which has now eroded to a large extent. The volume is maximum during the rainy season.


There is a dispute about the boundary of this waterfall between China and Vietnam. One side claims it belongs to Vietnam, while the other side says that the border stone was moved from one place to another during the Sino-Vietnam war in 1979. A road close to the waterfall separates the China-Vietnam border. Besides the border dispute, this waterfall is improving the lives of the people around.

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