Deadly And Enticing Destinations In India For the Bravehearts

When you daydream about your next vacation, do you imagine it being one of the best adventures ever? Do you get an adrenaline rush just at the thought of plunging into something dangerous or unusual to extend your limits? Then this list is for you.

1. Barren Islands, Andaman – Smoke on the water and Crocodile Under

Volcanic eruptions at Barren Islands in Andaman.

Image Source

Imagine scuba diving around an active volcano and while at it bumping into a scaley croc! If such a thing excites you, Barren Islands in Andaman is just the place for you to be.

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2. Walk Past The Dead To Roopkund

Skeletons on the trekking trail to Roopkund

Image Source

A challenging yet beautiful trek through the mountains and to a lake – filled with human skeletons!? It will send shivers up your spine… just like theirs!

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3. Walk With The Spirits At Dumas Beach

An incredible shot of black sands and a ghostly figure on the Dumas beach

Image Source

A haunted beach some say due to the cemetery near by but others argue of no truth in these scary tales. It is believed that the spirits whisper to you through the winds and those who walked past the black sands in the evening, never returned.

4. The Beautifully Dangerous Red Corridor

Red corridor- the land of forests and waterfalls

Image Source

Bandits, dakoos & naxals groups have happily settled in the incredible red corridor known for its beautiful landscapes, lush jungles, caves and cascading waterfalls of places such as Chambal, Khandagiri and Bastar to name a few. Dare to explore the mystical Indian landscapes with these dangerous travel companions, maybe? 😉

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5. Siju, Meghalaya

Explore the caves of Siju Meghalaya

Image Source
Explore the caves as you walk over the hanging rope bridges in Siju which not only look precarious, but also are probably one of the most scariest rope bridges between valleys, especially at night. Siju is also home to a Bat Cave, Dobakkal. Visit here for a Bruce-Wayne-overcoming-the-bat-fear experience, maybe?!

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6. River Tons of Rishikesh

River Tons of Rishikesh - the perfect spot for river rafting

Image Source

The flowing river in the Himalayas makes the perfect spot for river rafting, grade 3 to grade 5, with brief flat portions. An absolute thrill and recommended if you have to have the experience and skill for the tough rapids.

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7. Climb The Giant Rocks On Stok Kangri Trek

Mountain Climbing at Stok Kangri Trek

Image Source

Mountain climbing and trekking could re-engage you with cardio with the added bonus of less oxygen that could get you panting in a couple of steps -the Stok Kangri trek being the toughest. Definitely not recommended till you’re absolutely both physically and psychologically ready! With a plethora of options, choose the right path for you – spiritual, ain’t it?

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8. Play With Crocs at National Chambal Sanctuary

Crocodile in National Chambal Sanctuary

Image Source

Nestled in the land of bandits & dacoits, the sanctuary is abundant with flora and fauna – including threatening crocodiles! There are several warning signs to dissuade visitors from entering the crocodile section however, some foolishly brave have known to test their luck.

9. Face The Dead At Bhangarh, The Frightening Fort

Face the dead at the haunted Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan

Image Source
How could this list be complete or justified without the mention of Bhangarh, reputed to be India’s most haunted! A cursed and haunted fort, where no tourist is allowed after sunset to sunrise. The net is flooded with stories.

10. Escape the Sirohi’s on the Udaipur-Mount Abu Highway

Bikers riding via Pindwara on Mount Abu Udaipur Highway

Image Source
Dare to ride your enfield along the Udaipur-Pindwara-Mountabu highway & stay set to bump into the Sirohi Tribe. They will not only steal your stuff, but beat you up too, until you are smart enough to escape them.

From high altitudes with thin air, ferocious animals, rocky rivers, strange phenomenons and haunting locations, exploration galore is an easy expectation. The holiday itself though could be tough.

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